Introducing Challenges

Group Gift Challenge Friday! Starting this Friday, Judie and I will start posting our Group Gift Challenge. The object of the challenge is to find a common fashion related Group Gift, and put together an outfit based on the one item. There are no winners or losers in this challenge. This is simply to take one article and show how it can be used in two completely different ways. The beauty is in the imagination.

Themed Outfit Challenge Sunday!
Starting this Sunday, we will present a random weekly theme and the object of the Challenge is to dress our avatars accordingly. This is somewhat a take-off for some of the shopping and fashion challenges we have seen elsewhere and could be loads of fun! Once again, beauty is in the imagination.

PS TC's are temporarily suspended due to real life time constraints and the need/wish to put perfection to our little sketches. Humor is essential - as always! And the process is wonderful even if time consuming!

W.T.F Challenge!
A random challenge added as and when we acquire them. The object of this challenge is to take a picture of an old, hideous, impulse buy or a random bad GG and re vamp it into something you can wear without us laughing at you .

We invite our friends and readers to join in on the challenges! If you would like for us to share your avatar fashion photo, please drop us a line and we will be happy to review and share submissions!

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