Interesting Profile Quotes

This is by Judie...
(it's me, Bo, having a blonde blogger moment)

Some people have a lovely or humorous way with words, and here i am going to post some of the best ones i see from in world.
An original picture taken by Duplex99

Judie and Gempabumi

[03:58]  JUDIE [judietzuke]: An AO is an Animation Over ride. It gives avatarts more natural movement
[03:58]  gempabumi Indigo giggles. avatarts
[03:58]  gempabumi Indigo: haha
[03:58]  gempabumi Indigo is not an avatart
[04:00]  JUDIE [judietzuke]: well freudian slip but actually accurate
[04:00]  JUDIE [judietzuke]: you dress like an avatart

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