Bo's SL Animals and Pets

This spring I lost my entire "home" folder from inventory which included all of my SL homes and cottages, home furniture and decor, as well as landscape material. I was able to recover quite a bit through "redelivery" fortunately. And gradually and able to recover some from shops where I hadn't yet found a "redelivery" sign. In the last couple of days I sent Thaihiti Baroque a nc to ask about redelivery from my purchases in 2016 from Thaino Designs, and am completely HAPPY she sent me a few things to include my Bramley Cat! I remember when I first rejoined SL and started home decor, this little guy on a quilt caught my eye and... yay! There he is again! and just behind is the most recent group gift available at Thaino Designs.

June 2017, Morning coffee time at Bo's summer cabin. No time like the present to play! Have introduced already Puppy Petunia, Puddin' kitty, haven't yet introduced Rooster and Horse by Dench. I still need to define good names for these two. They add something particularly sweet and makes me feel at "home".

Look!! This is a most precious gift from Judie!! From Zen Creations, Puppy Power blankets, pillows, puppy house and sign and puppy! Petunia is making herself at home too. :) Petunia, Puddin' and I voted to name our new addition... Peanut ❤  Thank you, Judie!

Bo's Virtual puppy, Petunia, wandering collie by Jian
Bo's Virtual kitten, Puddin', wandering tabby by Jian
Bo's kitten booties (Miss Marple and Mister Magoo) decor object by Jian
"Love Thy Neighbor" birdhouse with birds decor object by StoraxTree

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