Friday, February 23, 2018

Welcome to GGC 49 Sentinus Designs

Welcome to GGC 49 Sentinus Designs
This is yet another store i stumbled across due to checking group notices. I know group notices can be a pain sometimes as there can be so many, but it's easy to un tick the box so that you don't receive so many, even though some seem to keep coming even after i have un ticked the box. I do make a habit of reading 99% of them though because every know and then i get a real bargain, or a link to a store i didn't know about.
I sent out the note card to the girls nice and early to give them time to get the gifts and get pictures done, but in the last week i can no longer find the store and so far i am getting no response from the owner, so pictures are limited this week as the girls just can't get the gifts. I'm pretty sure she is re locating.
You can still get onto the marketplace link and if i get an update of the new store i will add it .
I had been back to the store and had a good look round before it disappeared and tried the demos and actually bought 3 more hair at an amazing low price (25L if i remember correctly).
I also chose 3 of the outfits on the gift board to go with the  free hair.
I was quite impressed.

Charlane Hair
Bo is wearing(a very pissed off look)
 MOZ "Amy" Wild Garden Crop Top which was a group gift, and a very pissed off look because she is not impressed with the hair. I had to force her to do the pictures.
Judie is wearing
Coco Bare shoulder top

Sam Hair
(Fat pack)
Jandy Hair
Candy Corset 25L
Judie is wearing
Outfit: Sentinus Designs Candy corset ( All popular mesh and classic)
Accessories:  n/a
 Shoes: Shoenique -Chinablu (Black)
 Hair: Charlane, Jandy and Sam (GG)
Ester leather outfit 25L
Judie is wearing
Outfit:  Sentinus Designs Ester leather outfit( All popular mesh)
Accessories:  n/a
 Shoes: KC Scarlett Boots(Hud)
 Hair: Sam and Charlane (GG)
Sevda Short@Top outfit 55L
Judie is wearing
Outfit: Sentinus Designs Sevda Short@Top outfit (All popular mesh)
Accessories:  EF: The Promise. Necklace
 Shoes: [GOS] Karrueche sandles-Tan
 Hair: Charlane Hair- Sentinus Designs (GG)
Bo purchased this dress from the store, and below are 3 hairs Judie went back and bought. Amazing price. I did try the demos first as you can see from the GG pictures, these hairs suit bigger heads. Bo has a tiny head and she looks a bit like a Jessica Rabbit drag queen(Sowwy Bo)
Bo is wearing
Outfit: Sentinus -Chelsea Mini Dress (Color options)
Accessories: .:Pulse:. Lucky Charm Necklace “Courage", (BREATHE) October Bracelet in silver (both Gacha Gardens Gifts, IF I remember correctly)
Shoes: KC Talea Heels (gg with color options hud)
Hair: Magika - Stay

Judie is wearing
Sentinus Designs-Stephanie Fitted mesh hair

Judie is wearing
Sentinus Designs-Namara Fitted mesh hair

Judie is wearing
Sentinus Designs-Lanvine fitted mesh hair
Black is back
The applier lingerie( Maitreya) from MH Unique Designs GGC46
N.B. I have left over 6 note cards asking this store for their new LM for the blog so that people can find it. Maybe there are RL issues involved. I have had no reply. 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Petite Mort Lucky Letter Board Winnings

Bo is on her way out to meet friends for Sunday morning coffee...

This week I would like to feature some Lucky Letter Board winnings from Petite Mort. I won these pieces over some time of check in faithfully at the shop (which I adore!). The last thing I won were the embroidered shoes that I have been longing to win since they first appeared on the Lucky Letter Board. YAY!! The whole outfit works so well and gave a good reason to show off my (already purchased) Dusty Rose Gypsy Bag! (The bag is an item that I would love to find in rl, as well as an object that caught my eye immediately!) 

The designer is currently changing location and combining talents with a colleague. There is still a 50% off moving sale, so head over and check it out! Also, be sure to join the new group and as soon as I find it - I will share the new slurl.

What is Bo wearing?
Lucky Letter Board Winnings
Petite Mort Cherry Min Embroidered slippers (the lines on feet are not part of the shoe but on my av)
Petite Mort Cranberry Cropped Turtleneck
Petite Mort - Stonewashed Distressed Skinny Jeans

Petite Mort - Dusty Rose Gypsy Bag
Hair: Magika - Amuse Me

Friday, February 16, 2018

Welcome to GGC 48 Sweet Temptations,Vaxer,Gaall, Chic&shoes

Welcome to GGC 48
 Sweet Temptations,Vaxer,Gaall, Chic and shoes
Another huge store similar to last weeks one with a selection of 4 stores in one. Sweet Temptations,Vaxer,Gaall, Chic and shoes.
Only one gift though and it doesn't look like they update regularly as this was from September!!

September gift
Deirdre is wearing
Outfit: September gift (GG)
Accessories:  n/a
 Shoes: Intrique Co. - Pink Bunny Pyjama's Slippers
(RnR) Swag Group Gift Sandals
 Hair: Alice Project - Poison II-  Mini Medley Hair
Judie is wearing
Outfit: September gift (GG)
Accessories: n/a
 Shoes: [GOS] Karrueche Sandles
 Hair:  Argrace -Ibuki
Bo is wearing
Outfit: September gift (GG)
Accessories: Sunglasses (included with outfit)
 Shoes: n/a
 Hair: Magika – Bad Habit
The outfits below are outfits that Judie already has in her inventory and wears regularly.

Vaxer Future Outfit
Judie is wearing
Outfit: Vaxer Future Outfit
Accessories: n/a
 Shoes: [GOS] Karrueche Sandles
 Hair:  Argrace -Ibuki

Vaxer Thalia Bodysuit
Judie is wearing
Outfit: Vaxar Thalia Bodysuit
Accessories: n/a
 Shoes: [GOS] Karrueche Sandles
 Hair:  Argrace -Ibuki

Vaxer Emma camisole

Judie is wearing
Outfit: Vaxer Emma camisole
Accessories: n/a
 Shoes: [GOS] Karrueche Sandles
 Hair:  Argrace -Ibuki

Vaxer Stravaganzza

Judie is wearing
Outfit: Vaxer Stravaganzza
Accessories: n/a
 Shoes: [GOS] Karrueche Sandles
 Hair:  Argrace -Ibuki

Vaxer Shy Rudolph
Judie is wearing
Outfit: Shy Rudolf(Vaxer)
Accessories: Earthstones- Twinkling Lights
 Shoes: Comes with outfit
 Hair: Argrace -Ibuki

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day to all of our friends...

"A friend may be waiting behind a stranger's face" -Maya Angelou

❤ πŸ’— ❤
πŸ’— Judie πŸ’—

πŸ’— Gem πŸ’—

πŸ’— Victoria πŸ’—
(don't miss "Simply Victoria  ♥ Chapter 4 ♥, Valentine's Wishes") 

πŸ’— Dee πŸ’—

πŸ’— Tillies πŸ’—

πŸ’— Bo πŸ’—
🌸(dressed in pink and pink rose in memory of my mother, as Valentine's was as also her Birthday)🌸

πŸ’— What are they wearing? πŸ’—

Name – Judie
Outfit: SASSY Red Carpet
Accessories:  Lazuri Valentina Set (gift)
Hair: Tram Hair G1224 (collabor88/Jan)
Location: Valentine Market Shops, Romantic Garden

Name – Gempabumi Indigo
Outfit: Wild Orchid - Flores
Accessories: Lode Hande Accessory Hibiscus Branch Red, Lode Head Accessory Royalty Wreath Crimson; Beloved Jewelry Olearia Earrings; CR Fate Wedding Ring
Shoes:  KC Gabriella heels
Hair: Truth - Caralisa

Name – Victoria
Outfit: :Gigi Bodycon Minidress by Maitreya
Accessories: :own design, and still working!,  Janete Surfer Necklace by Brii, Red wine :Finca Natalina cabernet sauvignon 2014
Shoes:  :Hilly Haalan :Mothers Day Heels
Hair: Diva - Iris

Name – Dee
Outfit: Scandalize - VDay-Red
Accessories: Faux Posh; Diamond Nose Stud, Wedding Ring - JoaAndertons Design
Shoes:  *SD* Niki Red Slink Heels
Hair: Stealthic - Sensual (bento)

Location: Home of Joa & Dede

Name – Tillies Paine
Outfit: Envious Red Heart Dress
Accessories: Asteria Flower Necklace, Asteria SL13 Birthday Hat
Hair: eXxEsS - SENUNA A Hair
Location: Ahiru

Name – Bo
Outfit: AlaFolle-France dress (texture and color hud options)
Accessories: J&W Jewelers Helena Collection Pink Roses and Pearls Necklace and Bracelet, right hand - Ariskea Group Gift February 2017 - single Pink Rose
Shoes:  KC - Adore Heels (hud)
Hair: Magika - Amuse Me
Location: Castle ZaLiant, Manor and Romantic Gardens

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Bo taking a bow x3

Okay, so our Fashion Expert of the Team Judie has officially challenged me to take one outfit , dress or item of clothing from the previous weeks GGC and turn it into 3 different outfits.
Am I up to the task?! (admittedly, for me... if it's not Levi's = task LOL). This week we are featuring the MH Unique Design - Betty Dress (group gift), with reference to GGC 46.

Not sure if I want to hear the comments of my British friend. gurgles... in reality - why, YES I do!
(Judie " suck it up hun. You know me. I'm brutally honest")

Style Card info – Bo Betty Dress A "Romantical"

Judie's Comment: "Cute and feminine. Love that the shoe colour matchs the outfit, and the soft loose flowing sexy, feminine hairstyle covers the shoulders to balance out the shortness of the skirt."
Bo's Reply: Thanks! This one was easy to pull off. The Empire Shoes are so great because of all of the hud options. And they were either a FLF deal or gift, I don't remember anymore.

Bo: Accessories: .::Pulse::. Lucky Charm Necklace – Love, (7891.) Mining Bangles - Silver
Shoes: Empire - Bee Balm (hud)
Hair: Magika – Fool for Love
Style Card info – Bo Betty Dress B + PD – Black Coffee Leggin’s "KITTEN"
Judie's Comment:  "The dress is a very short sexy one but not short enough to team up with slacks, and its nipped in at the waist with a belt the slacks make it look bulky."
Bo's Reply: Those are supposed to be leggings! LOL Not poly granny elastic bunchy banded slacks that would cause bulk. (giggles) Because the shade of pink is more warm, moving toward salmon on the color chart - I thought it could be nice with black. 
Judie says, "I added fishnet stockings to cover up the legs a bit and matched the shoe colour to that black fishnets  so you have a more covered up look that you were aiming for but it flows a bit better and keeps the dress looking sexy."
Bo's Reply: Judie can pull of the fishnets. It would be super weird on Bo. πŸ˜‰
Judie is wearing: Fishnets by AD Avi candy on her legs.

Bo: Accessories: Magika – Lil’ Headband (hud), Adorsy – Cat Necklace, (Breathe) Stud Bracelet - Black
Shoes: KC – MAIA Pumps (hud)
Hair: Magika – Bad Habit
Style Card info – Bo Betty Dress C "Bless her sweet l'il Heart"

Judie's Comment:  "Yeeeehhhaaaawwwww!!!! Perfect for line dancing. Can so see that you're American with this choice (and can almost see your yeehaaww whan you dance hun).  
You've kept it sexy and teamed up with the ponytail its so cute."
Bo's Reply: heyyyyy charmer πŸ˜‰... always a cowgirl and I refuse to conform to Euro-style! Cowboy boots look good with everything, every day of the year! Just missing my holster!
Judie says, "Being English (and not into line dancing), i have added longer boots to cover more leg but tried to keep in the theme you were aiming at, but added a neck ribbon and a jkt (to cover Judes shoulders and to balance out my choice of longer boots). Judie is taller than Bo and with such a short dress she has to balance her legs out with longer boots."
Bo's Reply: The only comment, as a cowgirl, is that the color of the boots should match the jacket. BUT keep in mind that my wardrobe = my rules - and I'm not aware of any particular "rules" that apply to Brits. I don't have any short jackets that I could apply over the dress, but I like the idea!
Judies replies, "I do have a beige leather jacket , but it was too pale and looked washed out against the pink, so i stuck with the classic black."

And here Judie is wearing:
Addams Charlize Biker Jkt. BlackBronte neck Ribbon-GOS]Monza Belted Boots(Collabor88/Jan) OR ANE Classic Boots(FLF)
Bo: Accessories: EarthStones Callie Bangle – With Love, EarthStones – Pamela Earrings, Shades of Amber, MG Pearl Necklaces – Combo, Short Mono Colour
Shoes: fri. – River Boots, Buck
Hair: Argrace - Hotori
πŸ€ That was fun! Shall we try again next month maybe? πŸ€