Friday, June 30, 2017

Welcome to our 15th GGC Gizza

This week Bo suggested GIZZA as our shop of choice.
Ever since I joined SL I have been going to GIZZA and she always has a new GG's and a lot of the old favourites still available too.
Just to experiment , I asked the girls to go and chose their own outfit /outfits, to see which they liked and thought most suited them.

Deirdre is wearing
Gizza March Group Gift Lulu Sweater with shirt
Gizza leather leggings
Analog Dog Hair - Harmony light browns
Earrings Minimal; Shiny Shabby Gift
NYU Laced Top Leather Boots, Nude

Judie is wearing
Gizza October gift Molly Blazer
with pearl necklace included.
Truth Hair : Cheri
(This is mesh but not made specifically for Maitreya, though as usual the M fits Jude well)

Judies second choice 
I chose this as it is something Judie would not wear normally as it is so short, but i loved the texture so thought i'd give it a go.
This is a mesh dress and the M fitted Judies Maitreya body.
After much comment(abuse) it was decided that bending over was not a good position for this dress. And " why the hell are you wearing something so short , get some underwear on woman " made me realise it isn't Judes style,

Judie is wearing
Gizza May gift Dress
BigBeaufifulDoll Sheer Nylon Applier for Maitreya
Giovanna [Modern Couture] Royal Blue set
Hair .::Crown::. Vicky

Gempabumi chose the Molly Blazer too
Gem is wearing
Gempa is wearing Gizza's Molly Blazer Dress,
 JP Pearl Bracelet, 
KC Caty Wedges,
 Diva hair /or Rezzology Cuddles hair


This next out fit has obviously been chosen with much thought . I have added the reasons below in Victorias own words. Victoria has always been a bit different and special.

"We can appreciate the natural environment conforming the appropriate frame for a daring and adventurous outfit, something that every woman of action should wear!.
The "camouflage" print blends in the surroundings but the class and distinction glows, helped by the amazing figure and charm of our model."
Victoria is wearing
Gizza Hunter Outfit
Orbit Bracelets by RealEvil Industries,
 Martens boots by ROC
 Kendall necklace by Brii
 Rowen hair by DeLa

Bo is wearing
Gizza May Group Gift - trousers and tank blouse
Accessories: Ec.cloth Infinity Ring (Maitreya Bento), My Hearts Platinum Earrings and Necklace, (7891.) Mining Bangles
Shoes: KC Suami Heels
Hair: Magika, Bad Habit

Bo is wearing
Gizza December Group Gift, jacket/dress
Accessories: Pearl Necklaces - combo short, (hh) Mothers Day Earrings, (HJ) Nova Ladies Watch
Shoes: (Kokoia) Claudia Ankle boots (Hud)
Hair: Nadia

This is one of Bo's all time favorite GGC outfits, and after exploring the store she found that her choice of GG had more  options in store at the normal price, so i went exploring and found this was the case with a few of the GG's.
Worth a look around if you have time.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

A great find that came from an emergency situation

A few months ago i was new to a mesh body and even though now i find it easy, at the time i hadn't thought about underwear as i had never needed any before. (That sounds wrong doesn't it). Moving swiftly on. I needed a set FAST as i was doing  a photo shoot and bits where showing that i didnt want showing and at that moment i got a group notice advertising this MMC fatpack for 99L. It saved searching through MP( Market Place). The shop had a gift board and was free to join the group. I have not needed to buy any more sets since i found this one. It has 10 colours and looks so pretty and with the white lace edging it looks pretty if it does peep over jean waist bands or t shirts and blouses.
I have taken all my mesh body friends to get this set as it is such a bargain, and of course once you have found a good shop, you keep going back.

I went for a quick look this afternoon as they have recently moved to another LM and sadly this particular set is no longer on offer, but there is so much more to choose from and another 4 'Limited Offers' on the board.

 I recently saw another group notice for a  fatpack of bento rigged gloves from this same store and they really are made very well and an amazing colour choice in the hud.

 Go and see for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

                                                               Here is your taxi to MMC

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Friends over time zones.

A friend made a comment today that really made me think.
We all met each other through this computer screen and have known each other quite a few years now. Lots has happened to us all as individuals over the years . Moving countries to be with the men in our lives. Loosing family and friends to illness. Being ill ourselves. And all the other day to day things that we all have to cope with as human beings .When you realise you can change a friends rough start to a difficult day just by spending some  time chatting and just sharing that time and closing the miles between you . 
Pretty "ASSOME"

Sunday Theme Challenge, "Easter"

Presenting our Easter Theme Challenge.  Blonde moments in abundance...
What are the girls wearing?
Dresses: JIM:: Bo-Peep Dresses - Pink & Blue
Accessories: J&W Jewelers Helena Collection, Bo - Roses and Pearls Pink
(will add Judie's info when she finally shows life (8:30am) on this chipper Sunday morning!)
(( I was up at 8am i'll have you know but RL made me work so i couldn't get to computer until now. 1000 apologies))
Bo, KC Adore Sandals (Hud)
Bo is smoking a wafty carrot!
Judie is wearing
 Tutys lace bunny ears.
*It's Gau* Bunny heels for Slink
Earthstones Easter Egg Necklace
SOUL Hair Ammolite

Friday, June 23, 2017

14th GGC June 23rd 2017

Welcome to our 14th GGC.

The Char Dress Denim Flowers at Just ordinary (Free to join)
I found this store through group notices. Not a lot of choice of styles. She seems to have about 4 basic shapes and has used different textures but it has been done well.
It did fit our Maitreya bodies well and I notice one of the girls is wearing it still sometimes , so she must like it.
This GG was one of many she offers and has  Classic and appliers included.
There are 2 lucky chairs and many GG's and a lucky board.

Bo is wearing
Jewellery - (hh) Mothers Day Earrings and Necklace
Shoes - Petite Mort, Navajo Flipflops
Hair - Nadia

Gempabumi  is wearing
Shoes : C Caty wedges 
 Diva hair : Kelly 
 JP pearl bracelet Hypnotic

Deirdre is wearing
Necklace; E-clipse CatchMe!
 KC Ginko Flats
 Hair; Rezology  Tendrillicious
 Dulce Sunglasses; Brii

Victoria is wearing
Cross & Pentagram necklace from Celtic Myst
ROC Martens Boots (Hud)
Janette Bracelet from Brii
Rowena Hair From Dela (Free Gift)

Judie is wearing 
Redgrave Jewellery set Cube in Gold
Maitreya Moccasin Boots: Camel
Hair By Catwa : Lama Winter blondes. Gold Blondy

And last but not least!!!!!
We squeezed him into the largest size.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Virtual Summer Home (for the month of June anyway)

This is my June Summer Cabin, by Scarlet Creative - Country Keep. I added a taller base and created the front porch and steps. What a FUN process!  On this image - I set the sun to morning, Bo is having coffee on the front porch and watching the splendor of Mother Nature in action - just as one would do in real life. Creating just these sort of visuals is my passion and am happy to share snippets of Bo's world. 😊

Judie and I are going to gradually add or change pictures of our favorite home spaces, as well as virtual animals and pets. You can find the links on the right column of our blog.

Have a wonderful day

Monday, June 19, 2017

At last. A Great shop for men's clothes

My friend finally decided to get a mesh body a few months ago after me going on and on and on about how much better he would look in the great photographs he takes and  (after doing some research) he bought the ADAM body which seemed to be one of the most popular ones and came with hands and feet, unlike another he tried where feet and hands had to be bought as an extra. So the price became better as less to buy, but, we have found it so hard to find decent well made cloths that fitted . So few shops do cloths that fit Male mesh bodies and the price is so high against the girls cloths.
             If you know different and have found other good shops PLEASE let me know.  

The biggest issue is layering. If he wears jeans they show through the tops he has , or boots poke through jean cuffs. 
After much hunting he saw another guy wearing a nice suit , so he did a bit of research and came across a small shed on a sim which held a treasure trove of really well made , lovely looking clothing for men.
A shop called [ DEADWOOL ]
The textures are amazing and it's so realistic looking. The items are mesh and not made specifically  for mesh bodies , but we found they fitted his ADAM very well.
 Plenty of demos to try.
 Good colour choice.
 Individual colours or fat packs.
 The Suit jacket came with a shirt and tie, and you can take the jacket off and have a nice shirt underneath and also take the tie off. Also good choice of boots and shoes, jeans with or without belt, gloves, a lovely watch, even a pair of jeans with braces(suspenders to you mericans).
He has stated on his posters which jeans the tops go with so that you dont have the problem of bits poking through and it all just looks so real.
As you can see from the pictures it looks so nice.
A visit to the store is a must for all you guys who like a nice dressed, realistic avatar. Or for all you girls who like your man to look decent.
ALWAYS try demos as you are not all the same size , but i think most of you will be very impressed with this small but detailed and well laid out store.
Here are just a few examples of what we found;

Jeans and shoes are models own
[DEADWOOL] Dandy Shoes.
[DEADWOOL] Dandy Formal Jacket which comes with shirt and tie(tie has a hud to change colour)
Hair is from No.Match: No.Rest
Shoes: Models own LRD Leather short sneakers

[DEADWOOL] The Dandy suit Jacket, shirt and tie.
[DEADWOOL] Formal trousers (which go with suit but are sold separately)
[DEADWOOL] The Dandy Formal trousers (Black)
[DEADWOOL] Dandy shoes
Glasses models own : Oddity ; Topgun Retro

[DEADWOOL] Hugo shirt ( sold in separate colours)
[DEADWOOL] Worn out jeans and belt(can be worn With or without)(M)Tumblewash
[DEADWOOL] Ulrich boots( sold in separate colours.
[DEADWOOL] Nuvolari chronograph black dial watch

Glasses and hair as above.


Another friend of ours has been shopping at [DEADWOOL]

* * *
Well worth a visit.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday Theme Challenge, Games

This week we present our (TC) Theme Challenge, "Games".  Originally I drew at random the number assigned for Bridge, the card game. However, we don't know much about the game other than the fact that it exists. So we decided to postpone that particular subject title for another day after we educate ourselves a bit about the game.

Instead we selected the subject title, "Games". The girls are playing the board game located at Second Life Botanical Gardens. (Big thumbs up for Second Life Botanical Gardens! We highly recommend everyone have a visit, as there are a lot of little nooks and crannies to see. It's beautifully done!)

As you can see, Judie and Bo started off the game well and in a friendly manner. However, the game took an interesting turn when Judie decided to gobble up some of the checker chips in order to make her win definitive! LOL  Bo was not happy, and as typical Judie and Bo fashion... the girls had a little scrappy moment. All is perfect and peaceful in the end!

Friday, June 16, 2017

13th GGC June 16th 2017

Welcome to our 13th GGC.
This week I thought I'd do things slightly differently
 and I chose 3 GG's
and gave the girls a choice to see which they would choose.
Judie has done all three as she had time .

I will start with the gift from GeMyles Couture Flagship store. The group is free to join.
I had a brief chat with one of the owners as I had some questions and he could not have been more patient and helpful.
There are also shapes for sale and a lucky chair and 2 gatchas, mobvend and 4 lucky letter boards.

From this store we chose the Tiffannie sleeveless Tank Dress.
It comes with Fitmesh and all the popular appliers.

Judie is wearing
Cheri Hair by Truth 
(Loving Truth Hawks new hairs as they have a hud with 3 or 4 options for each hair)
Shoes by JD Lacey (Slink Nude)

Gempabumi is wearing
Diva Hair "Nene" 
Nya's KneeHigh Sneaker
Alessandra Silver Bangles
MG-Shell Teardrop Sea Pearl earrings

The second choice was the Vivian Gown from Rowenas.
This shop is full of GG's for all the popular groups and MM boards too and many reasonably priced outfits. The group is free to join and there are always people in the shop.
This dress has Fitmesh and Appliers.
It's a lovely dress for pictures .
The dress looks like it is a different colour in our two pictures but it was a mauve glittery texture in SL.
Bo is wearing
Jewellery by Allura: Esther Diamond Gem drop Bracelet, choker, and earring set
Shoes by KC: Suami Heels (Hud)
Hair: Damselfly Unity
Judie is wearing 
Lazuri Tres Chic Fuchsia Set
Bronx Stilettos
Truth hair : Ice

The last choice was a GG from ArisAris. The group is free to join .
The Cadency dress is for Classic avis only.
It had a nice texture on the top half but i have lots of her outfits and shoes and if I was asked where this was from I would not have guessed it was one of her designs. 

Judie is wearing
Venus shoes : Clara
*PetroFF* MK female Watch
Lazuri Tres Chic White Set
Hair by Truth : Cheri

Deirdre is wearing
Necklace ; Celtic Myst Cross necklace
        Earrings; Eudora 3D Eos Earrings
        Boots; Ursula : Alien Gizmo
        Hair; Mina Hair : Pearl

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Making shopping easier.

I've had many comments from people about how well or not so well laid out some shops are.
The best are the ones where you can stand and easily cam round, BUT its still an issue if you are looking for a specific item. OK, you can look on MP (Marketplace) but it's not always on there or maybe you want to try a demo in world. I will be highlighting shops who make a bigger effort to make shopping easier for us.
At the moment i can name 4 i have found. ( I will add new ones as i discover them)

The first is hoorenbeek
You find this sign in the main lobby as you enter and it really does make things so much easier.
A big high5 for this one.

The second is Emotions
They have a board just outside the front entrance which offers a TP to the location you need. Not the specific item , but it sure cuts down hunting time.

Well done Emotions

The third is Abranimations
They have a lovely yellow TP rubber duck. Novel and works well. You sit on the duck and a menu appears and then you are transported to the area of choice.
Again you have to know what you are looking for , but a big " well done "for this idea.

The 4th i found is Catwa
They have changed a lot in the last few years , but you can still buy all the older hairs as well as a big range of popular mesh heads. 
This store is where i got Judies first and longest used hair, which is a record as she is a complete hair addict now, but this style is 'Judie ' to me.

Here is your taxi to Catwa

If you know of anymore good shopping aids or just want to mention a good shop here just let me know.
Anyone who puts thought and effort into things needs a 'big up' in my opinion.


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

"Be afraid, be VERY afraid" ... Bo is on the run

Bo has a head start running from Judie!
"ooooh, Judie will be so angry with me when she sees my photo attempt for the next GGC 13!"

Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday's GGC June 9th 2017 Sophie Dress and Spencer Dress

Welcome to this weeks GGC. We chose 2 dresses this week from different stores.
The first dress is The Sophie dress from Hilly Haalan. It comes with a 20 colour choice hud.
It contains fitmesh and classic only but i found the Medium fitted Judie well.
Thank you Deirdre and Gem for joining in and sending such great pictures.

Gem is wearing
Damselfly Willow --brown driftwood
CCD - bracelet
Gizza Venus Gem heels

Bo is wearing
Jewelry - Modish:: Nadine Gem Bracelet Gold (Emerald), (HH Mothers Day Earrings)
Shoes - PD - I Feel It Coming Heels
Hair - ARGRACE Nanao

Deirdre is wearing
Lace Shawl with 4 textures hud
NCore Calyssa boots with hud
Hair; + elua+ Mao red
Signature cross charm necklace
Steahltic Rising sun earrings

Judie is wearing
Hair By 
Exile 1. Class act , 2&3 Monso Crowe
ArisAris Femme Fatale Shoes

This is the texture choice on the hud.

Fridays second GGC June 9th 2017 The Spencer dress by Legendaire

The Spencer dress by Legendaire. is our second GGC  of the week.
This has a Hud with 4 colourful choices and slink shoes included.
It fits classic and has appliers for all popular mesh bodies.

Judie is wearing
DeLa hair Sahara
Hoops by Indy@Co {Indyra gift}

Bo is wearing 
( a very worried look in picture 3)
Jewelry - Lazuri Dulcina La Rue SE Colors earrings
Shoes - KC Brazila for Maitreya (Hud)
Hair - Magika, Out of Breath in blonde

Quick note from Bo regarding Sunday Theme Challenge etc


Unfortunately I have a lot on my plate in real life at the moment and we need to postpone our Sunday Theme Challenge. But we WILL be on schedule and in good form in the days ahead!

Also, because Judie and I were comparing some of our LUXE Paris outfits and how we have our individual styles and way of putting things together, I wanted to share one of my own personal favorites here. 

This is Bo is beach mode before stripping down to swimsuit and jumping in the water! This outfit is so much my style, so it was fun to dress up my avatar!  It just so happened also, that only recently when finally opening my "to open" files from inventory, I discovered - by happy accident - the LUXE gift from the 13th Birthday celebrating Second life from last year!   The necklace comes in silver, gold, black. It's simple and goes with so many different outfits! So it was a keeper for me!
I will update asap with "what is Bo wearing" and give better details asap. 

Have a Loverly Day Tutti and I look forward to Judie's GGC post!