Judie's Home

I have been here a few weeks now and had plans to change houses regularly for fun, but i like this one so much that its just stayed.
Lovely to have a huge garden to use for photos and staging room for blog pictures and a prim box that actually counts prims correctly and extra prims always available at a good price and in 50prim blocks so it is so much more economical. 
 No more logging on to find the land owner standing in your garden or finding objects have been removed because of faulty boxs going over prim. The security system is great too and under my control so i can just allow who i want. No surprise visitors.
                                                  It really does feel like home.
New home n02 in preperation for Christmas .
I finally plucked up courage to change homes. I was loving the first one so much and it took all my courage to delete it. I had added an extension onto it myself by copying parts and building an extra room, but due to my lack of building skills i couldn't link it all together so it was good until i come to want it again as i cant copy it and wil have to go through the process of re buikding it.
BUT, i saw this cottage at Collabor88 from Trompe Loeil . The Amelie Cottage (Snow add on was88L at Collabor88)and at 88L i just had to have it.
I added a patio and a hedge and im loving it already.

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