Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday Group Gift Challenge (2)

This weeks challenge lived up to the name 'Challenge'.
I found these two gifts at LRD, which is one of my favourite stores as her choice of unique style and amazing huds are so well made. (NB It now costs 50L to join the LRD group )
The Green 'Retro Dress' and the white 'Gala Gown' (both mesh) were just for the classic avs , but i find normally a medium size normally fits Judie in most classic outfits unless it is an unusual shape.
It isn't what us girls would normally wear and we are defiantly not retro but we did my best with what we had. 
LRD Retro Dress
I will leave you to decide what you think , but i feel this is one of those gifts that does NOT represent the usual style and quality of the store.

Retro Dress
Judie is wearing Mina Hair Zahra
[hh]Carmela suade heels with hud.

Bo is wearingHair: Magika, Almonds
Jewelry:  none, 
Purse:  BM Molly bag, vintage print

Gala Gown
Judie is wearing No.Match Hair No.Whisper
Tiara by SIZUKA
Pearl set By Alienbear designs 2009AG Pearl Double.

Bo is wearing Hair: Exhile, Walking on Sunshine blonde
Jewelry:  Hudson’s My Heart Platinum

LRD Gala Gown

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Blonde Building

All i wanted to do was rez a new house in my new skybox, and add a room and a roof. Sounds so simple dosen't it.
Time had come to change homes. Something fresh and new but not so big so i could have more of a garden this time. I have 400 prims to play with so i wanted a house to be under 100 if possible.
I rezzed the house in a sand box to start  playing with un linking and get a feel of what i was dealing with. I have watched Bo in awe many times as she turns a small cottage into a luxurious bungalow and un links and links to lessen prim usage. It looks so easy. Sigh.
Having easily managed to copy two walls and rotate into position and  make a new prim floor which would need texturing later, then re link ( i thought). I re named my new build so i would be able to find it it in my inventory and took it to my new skybox only to find i had left a floor and lights and door frames behind.
 I thought it easier to start again , and managed this with ease this time and linked all the missing bits. Returned home. re situated my new home to find i couldn't walk up the stairs as the lights where in the wrong place and it blocked my entrance(Bollocks).
Third attempt at un linking ( on site this time) and then having got it all un linked i risked copying a floor and re sizing to match all the others which was a great success and i was really pleased with myself as i even removed the fire to leave me space and prims to add a better one  in the future.
Judie stood back to admire her work, walked up her stairs only to find the whole thing was phantom WTF!!!. It said something about being over 32 pieces. Well i don't have a clue. I deleted and re rezzed and miracle of miracles it worked. So fingers crossed Judie seems to have conquered all the issues to date. BLONDES RULE!!!!

Lovely Spring Home Decor Sales

This morning I received a notice from All About Home and Events and will refer to the Blog for review.
There are things from Shutter Field, Grey Moon, etc...
All the items are soooo nice! Is there a lottery in Second Life that I can play in order to afford everything I want?!

See the Event info here.

I recommend taking a look at Grey Moon, as I have and love their homes and as a matter fact am using the Cottage that was a Group Gift right now.

Monday, March 27, 2017

I feel so... exposed

Bo is just going to have to camp in the great outdoors tonight. I accidentally delete my cottage. AGAIN!! It wasn't locked this time because of the last time I accidentally deleted it and wasn't finished making some changes to textures.
just damn
Can you sing along with me? Jim Reeves, Four Walls. errr.... lack thereof.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Themed Outfit Challenge Sunday, Ladies Tea

Our first Themed Outfit Fashion Challenge was to dress for a Ladies Tea.

This was LOTS of fun to do! We rezzed Maya's - Intimate Cafe (maybe someday we can afford to put it out all the time).  We added little bits and pieces including Shutter Field Group Gifts of plants in tins. (Thank you, dear Sun, for the recommendation to check out Shutter Field!).  I built a prim fast for a backdrop and Judie found the texture for it.  We ROCKED through putting the set together and had such a good hearted laugh while doing it!

So this is Judie and Bo enjoying a nice afternoon chat over tea and cakes in Second Life.
Week 1 - Ladies Tea Themed Outfit Challenge

What did we decide to wear?

Judie is wearing -
Gizza Group Gift October (dress and jacket)
Exile Hair : Stone Cold Seduction
Shoes are ROC Lace Up heels.

Bo is wearing -
The blue and white dress from the IM Collection, No Bullying.
Magika hair, Out of Breath blonde.
Shoes are KC Brazilia sandals (comes with a HUD).

We have selected our random choice for next Sunday!
Drummmmm rollllll... the theme is GARDENING! Should be good!

If anyone wants to join in, just comment or drop us a line.
Happy Sunday!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Welcome to our 1st GGC March 24th 2017 MOZ Black Knit leggings

For our 1st GGC (Group Gift Challenge) we chose to use the MOZ monthly GG ' Black Knit Leggings' (Group free to join).
I recently found MOZ after i had bought my Maitreya body  (She does do some classic items too. Look for the classic logo) and the cloths are just Judies style. Also she does a really good job with unique textures and designs. It's nice to find something different.
Each month she has a photo contest to enter on FLICKER.
N.B.(08/10/2017) Sadly this competition has now finished as not enough people entered. She said she would start it again if more people showed interest.
You take a picture of your avi wearing MOZ clothes only - and then do a style card to add to the description and each month a picture is chosen to put outside the shop and you win a fatpack of the latest item of clothing Mo is working on. I was thrilled when i won the first competition, but there were not many entries at that point.

The MOZ group  is free to join and has a lower price for items if you wear the group tag when buying, and a VIP room with unique items just for Group members that are not available in the main store.
I love the unique designs and really great fit. Many choices of colour and texture and options of fat packs in different textures and colours.
This months gift is the Capri black knit leggings  which as you can see we both chose to go casual and sporty with.

Bo is wearing
Hair: Argrace ICHIGO
Outfit: MOZ  Capri Black knit leggings GG
Hypnose Queen t shirt (GG)
Shoes: (Kokoia) vernon sneakers
Animated Bimbo cheer poms

Judie is wearing
Hair: Argrace HOTORI
Outfit: MOZ Black knit leggings GG
MOZ Black Rib Knit Crop Tank
Shoes: TETRA Air Sneakers Pink. Sweet Tea Bobby socks (applier and classic)
What Next: Sonoma Bicycle-Lilac

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Beauty and Fashion Challenges

Group Gift Challenge Friday! Starting this Friday, Judie and I will start posting our Group Gift Challenge. The object of the challenge is to find a common fashion related Group Gift, and put together an outfit based on the one item. There are no winners or losers in this challenge. This is simply to take one article and show how it can be used in two completely different ways. The beauty is in the imagination.

Themed Outfit Challenge Sunday!
Starting this Sunday, we will present a random weekly theme and the object of the Challenge is to dress our avatars accordingly. This is somewhat a take-off for some of the shopping and fashion challenges we have seen elsewhere and could be loads of fun! Once again, beauty is in the imagination.

We invite our friends and readers to join in on the challenges! If you would like for us to share your avatar fashion photo, please drop us a line and we will be happy to review and share submissions!

Later today I will write a post script with the item for the Group Gift Challenge and the first weeks Themed Outfit Challenge.
Have a wonderful day!

1.  Friday, 24 March 2017 Group Gift Challenge: MOZ  Group Gift, Black Rib Knit Capri Leggings.
Click here for Slurl.
2.  Sunday, 26 March 2017 Themed Outfit Challenge will be... Ladies' Afternoon Tea.

Tuesday Morning, Pogues, Sunrise and coffee

"too many Tuesday mornings..." Love the Pogues! And sing this all too many Tuesdays. :)
Bo is wearing the March Group Gift by !gO!
(just for fun and not part of the upcoming Friday Challenge)

Friday, March 17, 2017

Being kind without knowing...

Today is a so/so day for me in rl, a muddle through the day kind of day. And when I logged on to Second Life this afternoon I had a nice message from Amanda Dench from Dench Designs, answering a question I had when visiting her store (which by the way I am a fan of, thanks to Judie). And Amanda was able to tweak placement for something and she sent me the sweetest little Thank You gift! Well, Amanda, thank you because this really makes me smile! It's lovely and perfect for my cottage!!
Lovely stool and floral tin with impatiens by Amanda Dench

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Profile Quotes

Some people have a lovely or humorous way with words, and here i am going to post some of the best ones i see from in world.
An original picture taken by Duplex99

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Nearly spring time...

It feels like spring time and the colors are beginning to be reflected in the cottage landscape. Today was a typical Wednesday, long but good day.  I am a total fan of Kidd Landscaping materials as well as others, so will make a point to share where I got some things from in the future.
At the end of the day, Bo is ready to go to sleep for the night. Chill time...

Monday, March 13, 2017

Coffee time with Sun

This morning I had the occasion with chat with my friend Sun as he is creating a small "living" space on Second Life. He is a creative inspiration for me and has made great efforts to show me how to make a backdrop look less contrived (as I am sometimes a bit tooooo orderly and groove on symmetry).
Our friend Sun :)

"Don't touch that, Bo!"

Sunday, March 12, 2017

A Huge haul of group Gifts (but are they any good?)

Another Group Gift Review ( next time i find a store with over 20 gifts i'm moving on. It's taken me bloody ages and the editor went blonde on me and didn't save the last 5 pictures i cropped so as you can imagine , the air was blue)😭

MH Unique Design.
I went to look at the limited 24 hour promo and found they had 24 gifts, so here is a look at what was on offer. I kept the short dresses for myself. Some of it was lovely. A mix of mesh, appliers and classic. You can see from the pictures i think. You can make up your own minds what you like or don't  like, as i did.

Creative pondering...

There are some moments in life that creating something new seems to be more work compared to others.
Morning time is usually my most favorite quiet time, where I can give a fresh look at my surroundings in the warm light of the rising sun, reflect and let a new perspective and focus happen naturally.

Here is Bo having morning coffee at the cottage whilst I sip on morning coffee in reality. It's exciting to see the variety of possibilities creating a new visual backdrop can take. Yet somehow, I find myself being drawn to some favorite items.
In the midst of a mess of a landscape, the kitchen area is most cozy for me on this lazy Sunday morning. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

I have a strong opinion about group gifts. I feel that they should advertise the shop and the quality of the products they have to offer and not (as so many stores do) give a gift that looks so bad you just delete it straight away and never return to that store.
A good group gift gets noticed and people ask where  you  got it from and that will then get so many more customers at the store. Makes sense doesn't it!?
As i get better at finding and editing these random choices i will do more group gift reviews in the future with landmarks when i find out how to do them.
I just have these two to start with , and as i said they are entirely random.

1. AlmaMiranda . March Gift  Mermaid Top and Denim Shorts
You get a group join (free) invite on landing which is good and the landing point was right by the gift.
You had to pay 1L but you got that straight back.
It included all the popular appliers and classic as well.
It looked really pretty in the picture , that is why i chose this one.
I was disappointed at the flatness of the top as in the picture it didn't look like a tattoo layer but its pretty.

2. Hottest Fashion Store Group Gift Monica Mini Dress.
You get a group join (free) invite on landing.
The dress came with Omega, Maitreya TMP appliers and classic.
Plain but pretty. I use Maitreya and it fitted well.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Re Group Gifts

So many gifts nowadays are not worth having , but the' FIFTY L FRIDAY' ones seem to be better. I spend the first part of my evening going through my group notices looking for bargains and gifts and rarely find something worth having. Surely shops want to use these gifts to get customers into their stores and encourage them to buy, not scare them away. A good group gift would(does) make me go back to the store.In later blogs i will be showing some good (and bad) group gifts.

Beautiful vase of Tulips

Judie took this beautiful image of the What Next pitcher of tulips I placed on the coffee table in the living room. These had been one of the two What Next 50L offers last Friday. (can  you tell that I am a fan?!) 
The image is beautiful! :) Worth framing in and of itself!
Art by Judie
Happy Friday! I can't wait to see what is on the FiftyL Friday list later today!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

I am amazed at all the free edit tools available on line and the effects they can create an already amazing picture. Did i mention how modest i am 😉
Judies 'Second Life' (SL) has changed a bit recently due to friends lives changing in the 'Real Life'(RL).
We have a group of friends of similar age . Lots in common and we used to meet up daily in Judies evening time zone. One of our friends is now working longer hours, another has taken a break from SL, one is on an American time zone and is struggling after being mugged and shot in RL and another moved abroad a year ago to live with and set up home with her SL partner. This is one thing we all have in common. The move to a different country, a new language and a new culture has bought us even closer together and the insanity and friendly banter and support we share on SL has kept us all going and kept us all sane.
SL gives us the ability to be who we want and do what we want and forget the daily pressures that RL brings.

The problems she has faced this week are malfunctioning feet that had to be redelivered and then re fitted to each saved outfit. Any normal person would have used the link system, but Judie being blonde decided to delete the old feet and then realised it left her footless and then had to manually add each time she changed. "Not a huge job" i hear you say , but Judie has over 800 outfits saved so it will be an ongoing issue for a while i imagine. AND attempted to edit her eyelashes ( a job that's long been needing doing) and went on too loose one in her head. Once retrieved she has done the best she could and finally decided "Fu** it, that will do"
 She also had issues of a malfunction of the ' recents ' part of her inventory and after a cry of help to Firestorm Support it was fixed in a moment.
Judie is an amazing model and has recently won a monthly competition for a great store she has just discovered. A picture was required wearing the cloths from the store and a style card added, then entering onto the stores Flicker page. It makes photo taking more fun when there is a reason for it.
It was the first time the competition has been held so i am delighted the picture won. It is drawn monthly so a job each week is to do a few shots hoping to be lucky again.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Introductory Post

Once upon a time, in lands far, far away, lived two little Blonde girls who grew up in very different places.

Judie was an unusually tall and  plain looking girl lacking in fashion sense. This made her feel like an outsider and she grew up a bit of an loner but that was to change in later life.
Her looks hid a brutally honest tongue . So if you didn’t want the truth , it was better not to ask. And sarcasm became her second language, but if you needed someone to confide in she was definitely your girl.

Bo, on the other hand, was a shy, not so graceful girl. She always had her nose in history books and fairy tales. Bo’s mind was usually several steps ahead of her mouth. Hence the reason she was most fluent in the language few people are aware exists, called… Puzzle.

When they grew up, they each found themselves marrying foreign princes and moving to nearby cottages in the lovely countryside in a land far, far away..
And so begins our story of… “Watch this Virtual Space”.

(CUT the music! This is not REALLY a fairy tale. This is really our virtual lives which are everything we imagine and then some. Our blog covers Second Life fashion, decorating, photography, and may even have a column in the future that will be something like… “Just ask Judie” for virtual relationship advice. We treasure our virtual friends and the creative atmosphere available to our fingertips via Second Life. We hope you enjoy!)