Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Then and now

I asked a friend to dust off his original avatar last night
 to show the huge leap in technology in just a few years.

Judie from start to now

I got thinking the other day about all the changes on SL since i joined.
I thought i would see if i could find pictures of Judie as she started and how she looks now.
I'm sure there are more changes coming.
we are already experiencing bento and getting used to mesh.
It did make me laugh looking at all the old pictures and also realising that a lot of the people i knew then, i still know now.
That is the point of SL as far as i am concerned.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Themed Outfit Challenge Sunday, Piratin'

Judie found some really cute Corsair hats and said, "Bo, by Davy Jones' locker! Let's try t'be pirates!"
Bo said with excitement aft seein' th' hats, "Of course Judie! th' hats be so cute!"

"I've been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, A poet, a pawn and a king; I've been up and down and over and out, And I know one thing; Each time I find myself flat on my face, I pick myself up and get back in the race."

"Shiver me timbers!"
th' lassies were not able t'stand tall or find their seafarin' legs. And their skeleton crew watched in horror as Judie and Bo lost their whisky times o'er on th' ship deck.

th' lassies voted, as blondes do in groups o' two, and th' decision were bein' unanimous! Piratin' were bein' not th' job fer Judie and Bo even if they had really cute Corsair hats!
What is Judie wearing?
Clothes - Mistique Blue Hat (Gatcha Prize, Mylaela gatcha), Peasant dress by Candace Hudson
Accessories - Alchemist Necklace, Indy&CoAva Hoops Gold
Shoes - MI Damen Pirate Boots
Hair - AD Omega Light blonde

What is Bo wearing?
Clothes - Mistique Pink Hat (Gatcha Prize, Mylaela gatcha), Rag Dollz Pirate's Plunder
Accessories - BabyGirl Gothic Lace collar (choker)
Hair - Damselfly - Francie Rigged Mesh, blonde
Sword from SL library

Friday, May 26, 2017

Fridays GGC May 26th 2017 Faboo Bikinis

One of our friends suggested this weeks GGC item. The Puerto Rico Bikini which is a gift at Faboo, and then it was pointed out to me that it was only for mesh bodies , so I went back and found a second GG bikini on the board (Trinity) that was for mesh and classic (classic and Omega) as Bo and I are loving having the great pictures that our friends are doing and want them to be able to join in on these weekly GGC's and there are still a lot of people using classic avatars as well as mesh ones and we want to cater for everyone.
Victoria and Deirdre are great bargain hunters and Victoria's entire wardrobe is made up of GG's or things she has made/textured herself. We are beginning to see a hidden talent emerging. It has been very hidden. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Puerto Rico Bikini by Faboo
Victoria is wearing
The bikini top (she has a classic body. No joke intended)
Hair by AD Baby Onyx
Dark Jeans mini skirt by FurtaCor
Sunglasses Victoria's own

Judie is wearing
Monso Hair : Raine

Gempabumi is wearing
Hair by Damselfly : Jaycee (Hibiscus warm)

Bo is wearing
Magika hair : Bad Habit

Coral is wearing
TKW hair Vico

Your taxi for Faboo

Trinity Bikini Classic and Omega From Faboo May 26th 2017

Trinity Bikini in Classic and Omega from Faboo
Judie is wearing
Hair (THE much hunted for hair) by Little Bones - Lo

Deirdre is wearing
Accessories and Hair - Hat and hair from Emo-tions 'Liv' braid and May hat
Headband feather no.match
Necklace and earrings by Mishmash

Your taxi for Faboo

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday Theme Challenge, Shopping

This Sunday we present our "Shopping" Theme.

What DOES one wear whilst shopping?! There is no right or wrong answer. What we wear may depend on where we are shopping and for which occasion.

Judie is flying all over the world in her private jet. (By the way, I absolutely have to share a secret... Judie pilots her own sleek and stylish jet! ✈ ๐Ÿ˜ธ) Here we see our glamorous Judie shopping in New York, London, Paris, and Rome.  Wouldn't we love to see what kind of goodies she bought in some of the leading fashion conscious cities in the world?!
What is Judie wearing?
Clothing - Rebel Gal:: Dating Gatcha outfit. Ruby
Accessories - Eclat - Ari Choker in silver
Shoes - ArisAris AA77 Femme Fatale Shoes
Hair - Mina Hair Noor

Bo has obviously been out shopping for the day and could not be more glad to get home! Shopping for clothes is tiresome and Bo tends to have an attitude more like a man about this activity. In other words... A. Shopping list, B. Get in to the shop, and C. Get OUT of the shop as quickly as possible. Before even heading out the door, she looks forward to returning to coffee, sofa, and lit candles filling the home with fragrance of tranquility.
What is Bo wearing?
Clothing - !gO! Irene Dress and Sweater
Shoes - KC Brazilia (hud)
Hair - Elua, blonde

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Fridays GGC May 19th 2017 The Kai herb Top from {Indyra}

This week we chose a gift that has been available for a long time at Indyra and Judie actually had it in her inventory and hadn't worn it for ages and also had the skirt that is designed to go with it.
It comes with a hud to change the under vest colour and the trim around the edge and the option of no vest at all.
Deirdre mentioned this top when I was dragging her round bargains the other evening, and I have always liked the individual style from {Indyra} .
The gift contains Classic and All the popular mesh models.

 I am sure there are many many items I have forgotten and a daily inventory sort out doesn't seem to be making any space because as fast as I get rid of old things, I find new things I have forgotten to open from fairs and GG's .

The Kai Herb Top from {Indyra}(With hud)

Judie is wearing
Skirt by {Indyra} Kai Black skirt (sold separately to go with the top. Another thing i forgot Judie had).
Jewellery and accessories - Necklace is a gift from {Indyra} Alexandria necklace :Tangerine,
Earrings also a gift from {Indyra} Ava hoop: Gold
Shoes by Sim-i-lar Aprilla shoe Black Pat
Hair by Monso : Umji (on sale at k9)

Bo is wearing
Gizza Nicky Skinny jeans
Jewellery and accessories by Liz mesh Silver Bracelet,
Stud Gold Earrings,
Shoes by KC Suami Hells (hud)
Hair by Magika : Bad Habit
 Dede is wearing
 Pants; Giuliadesign; Lavinia leather pants
Neckscarf with hud for different colors; Etham
Boots; Maitreya Gold * Shearling Boots black
Bracelets; Noya Metal Bracelets VIP groupgift
 Ear rings; R.a.i.n. silver hoop earrings
  Ring; Joachim Anderton design
Hair; Rezology Tendrilicious

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


I found these four
horrors last night. 
I don't know what possessed me to by them.
 I thought you might like to see before they go in the delete pile.

more Kittens! (and birds)

See more below... talking about Jian and StoraxTree...

Sometimes I am also very slow to open some of my group gifts from big hunts and even Advent hunt gifts before Christmas last year.
While working through the current phase of opening and sorting (which is a bit haphazard for me really - I won't pretend to be the most organized individual), lo and behold what I opened from my Welcome Group Gifts from Jian!
This could be real life! LOL They are sleeping on Poppi's boots and I refuse to put them away until it's winter again.
There are other very nice gifts in the Jian Welcome package.

More on other decor gifts over time. There are some incredibly creative and talented people out there on Second Life!

Adding another to share here as this is also tooooooooooooo PRECIOUS!
It turned out to be a blessing in disguise that I hadn't opened everything in my "To Open" file, as I lost my entire folder for homes and home decor  a couple of months ago. I flipped a happy flip this morning as I found this little home decor treasure! This is from StoraxTree 1L Advent #20, and this part of the package of gifts is called  "Love Thy Neighbor Birds & Birdhouse".
Taxi to StoraxTree.
Happy Dance by Bo, Advent gift by StoraxTree

Monday, May 15, 2017

Earlier this afternoon.......


Bo's turn to up cycle an outfit.
I have to say i was expecting something way more hideous from you Bo.
I'm slightly disappointed in you.
Bo has returned to Sl after a short break and in her absence mesh has arrived and Auntie Judie is introducing her to mesh and been troubleshooting mesh body issues.
It wont be long before we have a very sexy , classy Bo . It takes time to get a wardrobe of decent outfits , but this lady learns fast.

Before - entice West end girls sweater, Ruca Tease Mesh Capri pants dark blue
Shoes: Kokoia Claudia Ankle boots black
Hair: Magika - Bad Habit hair

After - entice West end girls sweater, Larry Jeans dark blue 
Jewelry: !Rebel Hope - Island Girl Green Earrings
Shoes: Kokoia Claudia Ankle boots dark brown
Hair: Nadia hair by elikatira

WTF Challenge

We have a first WTF entry from a friend. Personally speaking i don't think it looks too bad in the 'before' picture , but it's not about what i think. We all have an idea of style and whats suits us and others and our circle of friends do have this lovely brutal honesty towards each other which i love.
Regularly when i arrive with one of my many new hair purchases i hear the comment " whats happened to your head JODY".
I have to say i have never seen Deirdre wear anything really awful to date , but who knows.
Anyway,enough about me and my opinions.

This is the before and after of an outfit that Deirdre felt needed an up cycle and revamp. I will be going to Legendaire to get this dress as its a cute shape.

 Dede wears; 
Hair - Amici - Eva  ¬ Jet black
Earrings - Lazuri Perlina Earrings
Milady's D platinum gold Necklace
Legendaire Rachel dress & Sandals

 Dede wears;
 Hair; TKW Celina 
 Boots; Athena's way - Zafira Python boots
 Bracelet-  Faudora Charm Bracelet - Ruby

Sunday, May 14, 2017

and another......

Why?? On so many levels.

Another WTF

In my defence i won this as a hunt gift but have never worn it and do not imagine ever doing so. Even as a joke, so i thought i would show you before i delete it.
With much embarrassment i present the Double Denim (cringe).

Sunday Theme Challenge, Lingerie

Today we present our Sunday Theme Challenge, "Lingerie".
Looky here how our lovely, proper Brit, can change in a sexy vixen almost at the blink of an eye!  On the contrary, Bo looks like a tired, desperate Mommy trying to put the scary child to bed AND get ready for a romantic evening with husband simultaneously.

What is Judie wearing?
MMC:. Freya Lingerie in white
 and BigBeautiful Doll, sheer nylon stockings ver. 1 (applier hud with 6 color choice)
Jewelry and accessories - .BF. Dandara Back drop necklace in gold
Hair by Monso - Crowe 

What is Bo wearing?
Pic 1. RPF Ladies Bathrobe in pink
Hair with Curlers
holding my !gO! Luthien Doll - looks like a demon child LOL
Pic 2, 3 & 4. MMC - CatteyLyn Bodysuit (hud)
Hair by Monso, My Hair - Ruda
Misc Terra design rose petals and holding Ariskea single rose (group gift from February)

An aside... this post happens to fall on Mother's Day here in Italy as well as in the United States, so we would like to wish all of the wonderful Mommies and Mummies we know... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Buona festa della mamma!!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

A new challenge. W:T:F !!!

Having recently been tidying out and reorganising my inventory ( Was 80,000 items, not just under 56,000) and finding soooo many things that i don't remember buying or are gifts i just had to have or spur of the moment buys, i thought a challenge to up cycle them was a good plan. Up cycle or delete and having seen some of Bo's wardrobe (snigger) i suggested this idea to her as well.

Take a picture of your Avi wearing the aged, primmy, cheap crappy horror, or just a plain bargain that a few years ago looked good (so you thought , but we where all laughing at you) and UP CYCLE it to something more acceptable.

I know it's hard to believe but even Judie has wardrobe malfunctions and thankfully most of them have been recently deleted so no proof, but i am still finding some W:T:F outfits that need attention.
Sometimes all it takes is a change of hairstyle or shoes.
Here is an example. As i said. It's difficult to make Judie look bad in anything but i'm sure you can do better than me  ๐Ÿ˜
Have a go.

Update from Bo...

As real life activities settle in for summer here, I will be updating our Pages section on the sidebar with pictures from our Group Gift Challenges as well as Theme Challenges. It's our pleasure to feature contributions by our friends as well. I want to get it just right, so it will be over a few days to update.

Also quick note, last night Judie alerted me to have a better look at the Fifty Linden Fridays (watch for the events posted on "Fifty Linden Friday/Seraphim")  and to get Bo over to try on the ELIKATIRA - Nura hair! Which, of course, I did.
While at the shop I browsed and tried on other demo's and found another one that I absolutely LOVE on Bo... Nadia!
Bo is wearing Petite Mort - Molly Indian cotton midi dress
Hair by Elikatira - Nadia
Taxi for the following:
Petite Mort (this shop is right up my alley along with !gO!  Bo better get a job and start earning some spending money!!)

Hope everyone has a super terrific weekend!
See below the next GGC and posts and Taxi slurls by Judie!
YAY ๐Ÿ˜„

Friday, May 12, 2017

Next weeks GGC For May 19th 2017

Next week  we will be using the Kia Heb top from {Indyra}.
Suitable for classic and mesh.
Found in store on the table in a box on the left.

Your taxi to Indyra

Friday GGC May 12th 2017 LRD Astrid Gown and LRD Halter vest Dress

This week we chose 2 gifts available on the board at LRD via SL F@O group (free to join).
The Astrid Gown had Classic and mesh choices.
The Halter Vest Dress was classic only. All these dresses look fine if you use for photo stills , but not so good with an AO attached.

The Astrid Gown
Bo is wearing
Hair by pr!tty - Jeanie, blonde w/medium roots

Judie is wearing
N.B. I used the medium dress instead of the Maitreya because it fitted better on Judie
Jewellery by Alienbear : Eostre
Shoes by SSD Aphrodite Jewled Stilettos in Gold
Hair by Catwa : Princess

Deirdre is wearing
Accessories and Jewellery by Karma Diamonds,
Necklace by Gizza (a gift),
Bracelet by CoCo&Co (a gift)
and Earrings by Madabout you
Shoes by KC Maia Pumps
Hair by Emotions (a gift)
Halter vest Dress
Bo is wearing
Jewellery by Zenith Boho Ring (Flower - Silver)
Shoes by KC Suami heels (hud)
Hair by Molina Splash Blonde

Judie is wearing
Jewellery by Chop Zuey Amour Delicata Bracelet Plt/blu
Shoes by KC Eleanor Pumps (with hud)
Hair by Argrace : Haku

Deirdre is wearing
Jewellery by Earthstones ( a gift at Free Dove)
Shoes by KC Maia Pumps (a gift)
Hair by Amicci : Candy Rose (a gift)

Your taxi to LRD

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A great find for making picture taking easier.

I found this hud on Second Life Marketplace ages ago but didn't get round to using it.
It is amazing and a must have for photographers.
It saves so much time.
I will add a tutorial link so you can see for yourselves.
I know its not cheap but believe me it is worth every Linden.

See on Second Life Marketplace.

See tutorial on youtube.

A 'MUST have' for serious shopping addicts.

I recently obtained the 'Seraphim hud'
All links and details below.
It's worth watching the short tutorial to get the most from the hud but one of the best things i have bought this month, and IT'S FREE

See this link for Marketplace.

See this link for tutorial.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Copying is the sincerest form of flattery.

I do take great pride in dressing Judie well and i am always shocked at how strange some people can be when you ask them where they bought an item of clothing or hair , shoes etc from because you like it and want to buy it too. Not so easy to click on mesh and check although i do have a great free hud now called 'What is she wearing?', but i always like to ask someone first. If an item is made well and you dress your av well then it is a compliment to be asked.
I was at Morris the other day chatting to friends and had to log off to start cooking in RL and when i returned i had a snapshot waiting for me from a friend. Apparently this lady had disappeared and changed soon as soon as Judie had gone. It must have reminded her of things she had in her inventory. Great copy. I'm impressed :)

Hair addiction dilemma.

"My name is Judie Walpole and i am a hair addict".
I admit it.
Thing is, with Judie , most looks good on her but i have a passion for either long long, or cute short, and blonde mostly but she has been known to go a different colour depending.
The other night i saw a hair at one of the many shows i visit and i just HAD to have it. I recognised the style, and the designer and hair looked so familiar. I started by taking a picture. What i didn't explain was that the hair wasn't named. It was being used on a model in a picture to advertise a dress. I sent a very polite note card to the designer asking her if she could tell me the name of the hair and where i could get it, but she was off line and when i logged back on after dinner i still had no reply, so i sent another polite note card after having been to her shop to see if the hair was on sale there as a shape or on one of her style cards. It wasn't. So then the desperation started. First i messaged three of my knowledgeable friends who i thought would know where it was available just by looking at it. Two of them didn't have a clue but suggested some shops, and the other friend(turns out shes as clever as i thought) sent me to the correct shop(i didn't know this at the time) and i looked and looked but just couldn't find it. Anyway, to cut a long evenings story short eventually the lovely lady from Ricielli contacted me with details and turns out i was in the right shop but it was an older hair and had 3 versions in the box and didn't look similar so that's why i couldn't find it. This hunt had taken me a good part of my evening by the way. So as i finally stood Judie infront of the box ready to buy i thought 'ill just check her inventory'. Low and behold she already had it!!!!!!
I arrived later at Morris and stood next to one of the helpful friends.
P**dy    "Nice hair Judie. Snigger"
Judie      "Shuddup"

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sunday Theme Challenge, Wedding Guest

Today we present our "Wedding Guest" Theme Challenge.

Judie is dressed for a formal wedding in a beautiful outfit complete with a hat!  Bo is dressed for a less formal wedding and probably arriving just after the bride arrived to the alter.

What is Judie wearing?
Clothing: BHB Sunday best complete outfit ( Shoes, hat dress all coloured with hud)
Hair: Catwa hair Princess

What is Bo wearing?
Clothing:  Alafole - France (hud)
Shoes:  KC Maia Pumps (hud)
Hair: Magika - Please (gg)
Misc: Carrying box from What Next

I think we should have another round of some of the challenges at some point in the future maybe with a bit of a twist! It might be fun when I have more Second Life time - to get a our usual team approach going here and show up to the same wedding and see who carries tissues in case of a tear jerking outburst and who gets nervous giggles watching the bride and groom when the Priest confuses their names during vow time. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ