Monday, December 11, 2017

Define "Peace on Earth" - Happy Holidays Everyone!

“Give me love, give me peace on earth, give me light, give me life, keep me free from birth, give me hope, help me cope, with this heavy load, trying to, touch and reach you with, heart and soul”
- George Harrison

Sing along with us...

We visited "Greenland" in Second Life!
There are some incredible winter scene sims out there to visit as well. See your Destinations guide in Second Life for Winter or Christmas.

Tillies Paine


Bo and Sun chilling...
"Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with the prophetic ray." -Lord Byron

Style Card info – Christmas
Name – Tillies Paine
~BK~ Christmas outfit, *MIRUS* MYRTA Jacket Maitreya
Unique Needs! Christmas bracelet, {Savvy avvy} Looping Hoop earrings
~BK~ Christmas Boots
Hair: eXxEsS : X-MAS 2016 Hair
Style Card info – Christmas
Name – Gem
Outfit: Wild Orchid Urania Ivory Dress
Shoes: Meggy Silver Heels
Hair: Damselfly Jaycee Hibiscus
Style Card info – Christmas
Name – Judie
Outfit: Paris Metro Elemental Chouchou Gown (Holiday gift)
Accessories: Chop Zuey hearts of hope set (Gift)
Hair: Diva Giz in Moonstone (Gatcha rare with Hud for ribbons on hair)
Style Card info – Christmas
Name – Bo
Outfit: (hh) SLF&O Gift Cathy Black Coat, RIOT - Black Leggings
Accessories: SnowPaws - Earmuffs, L&B (C) (W) Celtic Promise Silver earrings
KC Ginger Suede Boots (hud)
Hair: ARGRACE – KOKORO dark blonde

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Coffee time...

This Sunday morning, grab your favorite coffee and have a look around a wonderful sim in Second Life.
This is based on a Lebanese Market and the concept is beautiful... "World Peace".

In my opinion, it is precisely this kind of concept that would be incredible if it could be featured in Biennale at least once!

I give it a big thumbs up and high recommendations! Talk about ART!!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Fifty Linden Friday thrills!

It's been a while since I found something that set off that spark as soon as I saw it.
Today... I sparked! YAY!!
Also Petunia became twitterpated! WOW!
These signs on the right are by Kalopsia and perfect for my current living room decor (thank you Judie for the Apple Fall dollhouse case)!

Also I was itching to try on my new Hanukkah PJ's that were the day 8 Advent Gift from Home Whimsy! Comfy and happy! (btw Hanukkah begins 12 December)

Judie and I both check out the Seraphimsl - Fifty Linden Friday page faithfully each week! There is always something for everyone - fashionista as well as for the home and garden.

Welcome to GGC 38 Vinyl

Welcome to GGC 38. *VINYL*
I haven't been back to this store since i changed to mesh and was told they had a good selection of gifts at the moment and was still free to join.
It is a well laid out store. Kinda reminds me of Blueberry but aimed at a younger audience.( Just my personal opinion)
There is a lot of choice and 4 gatcha machines.
 I own a pair of their leggings but it's not a style that Judie would wear. Like i said, i feel it's aimed at the younger audience.
 Saying that, i LOVE the Scars Turtle neck GG and will be keeping that.
 I wish the girls had had time to do this challenge as i like to see their take on the items. It is well made and really good textures and a good price too.
Bo is wearing
Hair: Monso :Ruda
Outfit: *VINYL* – Comet antlers (GG)
 JB (Just Because) Willow Bodysuit/leggings
Accessories: SnowPaws red bauble earrings (2016 Advent Gift) 

Judie is wearing
Hair: Argrace IBUKI
Outfit: *VINYL* Scars Turtleneck (Bra optional)All popular mesh (GG)
Accessories: *VINYL* Comet antlers (GG)
Accessories: BlaiseDesigns Phoenix Tattoo 
Meva Bento Boho Rings
Shoes: Oddity Boots 'Casey'(A&D GG)

Bo is wearing
Outfit: *VINYL* London Top (With hud. Plain or with graphics)(GG)
Moz – Cuffed Shorts Indigo Denim

Judie is wearing
Hair: Argrace IBUKI
Outfit: *VINYL* London Top (With hud. Plain or with graphics)(GG)
*Vinyl* Crowe Leggings (hud) Brown
Accessories: BlaiseDesigns Tribal set Tattoo
Shoes: Tetra Air Sneakers (White)
N.B.I have added the hud for the Crowe leggings to top left of each picture just to show you detail and presentation.

 I tried a variation on outfits to show how versatile the bra is and an asset to a lot of outfits.
1.Judie is wearing
Hair: Magika- Strawberry
Outfit:  *VINYL*Bebe Bra(GG)
Addams Charlize biker Jkt (White)
Ad♥rsy Akali Skirt 
Accessories :  BlaiseDesigns Phoenix Tattoo 
Shoes: ::ChicChica:: Cassidy(nude)

2. Judie is wearing
Hair: Magika- Strawberry
Outfit:  *VINYL*Bebe Bra(GG)
Ad♥rsy Angelina Denim Jeans(White)
Addams Charlize biker Jkt (Brick)
Accessories: Meva Bento Boho Rings 
Shoes: KC Rachel Pumps

3.Judie is wearing
Hair: Magika- Strawberry
Outfit:  *VINYL*Bebe Bra(GG)
Addams Charlize biker Jkt (Beige)
Accessories:  BlaiseDesigns Tribal set Tattoo
Shoes: KC Rachel Pumps

Monday, December 4, 2017

Coffee anyone?

What day is it? erm... well I am late to post for Sunday, but that's okay!

Have been incredibly busy with my real life, and on down time - have been happily creating a cozy Christmas corner for Bo on Second Life.
I have switched out my cottage to the Dad Design "Victorian Sunrise Cottage"! (if you are shocked at the frequency with which I change out homes and or decor - you don't know me very well LOL).  I love this place! The prims are perfect for me and the space = yessssssssssssss!!

Interior above: 
Dust Bunny Camilla sofa and stool, Under the tree packages and sleigh, 
Goose - lit star,
What Next fireplace stockings and Isabelle Clock,
Storax Tree blue braided rug,
!gO! - Gacha elf,
Apple Fall - Christmas tree, fireplace, desk and chair, moccasins, and Santa on the desk (had an spontaneous shopping snap at Apple Fall after doing the Apple Hunt. Dangerous!!),
(Christmas frames details to come as they were from Builders Box).

Exterior I am using Kidd Landscaping and 3D young birch trees, Dench Mr. and Mrs. Snowman, Trompe L'oeil lanterns and ski set. Topiary info to come - from Builders Box.

Bo is wearing Argrace hair, Valentina navy dress with jacket, and KC Munich boots. As time allows during the week I will give a more precise breakdown.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Welcome to GGC 37 YELIZ

Welcome to GGC 37.
I have been aware of this store for a while and have bought items in the past and never been disappointed.  The girls mentioned that the store had a free to join group , which i was suprised at , and the gifts are a good example of the quality available in the store.
There are only 2 gifts available at this moment in time , but this is one of the stores that has quality not quantity and it would encourage someone to go back and look more. 
A very well laid out store too with 2 floors with  newer items displayed well downstairs and the older items upstairs.

YELIZ 'Angela' Dress 

Bo is wearing
Outfit :   YELIZ 'Angela' Dress
Accessories : SnowPaws Cubist Earrings in Silver,
 (Breathe) October Bracelet in Silver
Shoes :  KC Adore Heels (hud)
Judie is wearing
Outfit : YELIZ 'Angela' Dress
Hair : Magika - Strawberries
Accessories :Blaise Designs Rose Tattoo
Shoes : KC Rachel Pumps  
Gempabumi is wearing
Outfit: YELIZ 'Angela' Dress
Hair: Diva - Kelly
Accessories: N/A
Shoes: Gizza- Gem Heels
Deirdre is wearing
Outfit: YELIZ 'Angela' Dress

Bo is wearing
Outfit: YELIZ 'LALE' Dress
Accessories: SnowPaws Cubist Earrings in Silver, 
(Breathe) October Bracelet in Silver
Shoes: KC Talea Heels (hud)
Judie is wearing
Outfit: YELIZ 'LALE' Dress
Hair : Truth -Rumour
Stealthic - Runaway Reds hair
Accessories : My Hearts Platinum Set
Shoes : KC Sara Heels
Gempabumi is wearing
Outfit: YELIZ 'LALE' Dress
Hair: Stealthic - Runway, Reds
Accessories :JP Pearl Bracelet
Shoes :KC Janice Heels
Deirdre is wearing
Outfit: YELIZ 'LALE' Dress
Below is a selection of outfits i had already purchased and use regularly.
The huds are really good and give you so much choice. 

Friday, November 24, 2017

LUXE Paris Winter Holiday Collection Review

🎈 LUXE Paris Winter Holiday Collection Review 🎈

We are so happy to have had the chance to write a review for the
LUXE Paris Winter Holiday Collection!
Perfect Holiday outfits from LUXE Paris!

*It's Gau* Fashion Store, GGC 36

Time for me to have a go with Group Gift Challenge post. This is not going to be our usual... as Judie is our Fashion Girl for sure, but we thought it would be interesting to change it out this time.
These group gifts are *It's Gau*.

Judie is always super organized in advance and very professional and pro-active in managing to find the shops and contacting the designer or shop managers, which is awesome! So really all I had to do was put the images together and have a go with presentation and style info.
The pics turned out well and demonstrate our individual styles. Awesome!

*It's Gau* Alexya (Classic and Fitmesh)

*It's Gau* Bella White Lingerie (Classic and appliers)

*It's Gau* Izys Purple Dress

*It's Gau* Veronica Dress
(Thanks dear Sun for the spontaneous picture taking with me! and also helping me sort the house 😃 )

*It's Gau* Halloween Skull (extra GG)

What are the girls wearing?

*It's Gau* Alexya (Classic and Fitmesh)
Accessories: Yasum: Native choker (gift)
Shoes: (PPD) Wanna be a cowgirl Boots

Misc outfit accessories: BUENO - Testify Jacket
Accessories: =REBELLION= "SAVANT SPECS", (Violet Voltaire) Doll Face Earrings: Goth, Astrlia - Yoga earphones, (Maitreya) - KC -Caily Choker, Slipper-Liz Rings (Maitreya)
Hair: =DeLa* = "Antje" Mesh Hair

Outfit: (additional details) Larry Jeans - washed blue jeans
Accessories: (Mistwood) Stone of Jordan Bracelet and Earrings
Shoes: fri. - River Boots (Buck)
Hair: Magika - Bad Habit

*It's Gau* Bella White Lingerie (Classic and appliers)

Hair: Damselfly Unity Hair with Hud

*It's Gau* Izys Purple Dress
Accessories: ***Lucky Night*** Necklace from GGC34 Dress
Shoes: *It's Gau* Cute Heart Grey Sandals (Slink)
Hair: Tableau Vivant: Starry Night Updo (Gatcha)

Accessories: Lazuri Tres Chic Necklace, earrings, bracelet
Shoes: PD - Happy Happy Days (color hud)

*It's Gau* Veronica Dress
Accessories: ad♥rsy Heart Necklace
Shoes: *It's Gau* Cute Heart Grey Sandals (slink)
Hair: Stealthic Hair : Sensual (Gift)

Accessories: Yeliz Mesh - Martini Plush Fur Stola, Pure Poison - Cool Bracelets, Celtic Myst - Silver Tear Earrings and Necklace
Shoes: Pure Poison - Fancy Pumps
Hair: : EMO-tions:. *KARMA - diamonds

Accessories: Sun (fabulous male model!)
Shoes: KC BRAZILIA Heels with Hud
Hair: Damselfly Unity Hair with Hud

*It's Gau* Halloween Skull (GG)
Accessories: Indy&Co Ava Hoops (GG), Euphorie Scarlet necklace, Blaise Designs Tribal lower back Tattoo
Hair: Mina - Elsa

Outfit: (additional details) Coldlogic - Harris Khaki Shirt and Scarf
Accessories: Rebel Hope - Malibu Earrings silver
Shoes: Pure Poison - Dalia Pumps (all colors)
Hair: Zalea, Fiona Zealot Pack

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Home Decor Group Gift, Fancy Decor

This week I would like to feature a very nice group gift from Fancy Decor - a Small Lamp.
To see for better scale
In my opinion Fancy Decor offers a sophisticated and comfortable variety of home furnishings and decor that are impeccably created! This is one of my favorite shops and I can easily mix and match perfectly in any one of my virtual homes or cottages.
This set belongs with my Four Seasons home bit in the works - BA Lakeside Cottage. The image in the background over the fireplace is Bazar - a night cityscape - Bazar Paris Flowers, and of course balanced with my new Fancy Decor Small Lamps. I added a picture with Bo present in order to give a better idea of the scale of the lamps.

By the way, all of the Group Gifts at Fancy Decor are beautiful and work very well with other decor items you will find throughout the shop if you look inworld.

I am still in a very slowwwwwwwww process of creating a Four Seasons virtual home. This is mostly due to technical issues. But keeping up with Second Life in bits and pieces until soon.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Tattoo and Bikini

The warm season is beginning in the southern hemisphere and we wanted to capture some fun in the sun with a tattoo and bikini post and pics!
Judie is wearing:
Faboo Puerto Rico bikini, BlaiseDesigns - Chinese Dragon Tattoo , Argrace : Misaki ,Izzie's Body and Face sand

Dee is wearing:
Smesh -(Group Gift) Bikini green
Pure Poison - Kyrah Sandals - VertBarberyumyum - (Hair Fair Gift)Misha - Womens Fang- Tooth LanyardZOOM - Marine EarringsTamdig - Zodiac Female (Group Gift)
laise Designs - Custom made Fairy ( Chest) & Japanese sigh for luck/ happyness on right leg calf
Gem is wearing:
Von frysten Rio bikiniDiva Hair "Kelly" (Garnet)Back Rose Tattoo BlaiseDesigns
This pic really made me smile! Great humor, guys! Thanks 😊
Hair: No Match - No.Past
Body: Adam
Bikini: Elmyra Mesh Bikini
Shoes: N/A

Hair: No Match -No.Word
Body: Maitreya
Bikini: Von fyrsten Rio
Shoes: Empire - impatiens

Bo is wearing:
(e) Nadia hair
White bikini
Blaise Pisces tattoo

Friday, November 17, 2017

GGC 35 ***Lucky Night***

***Lucky Night***
Another store found through group notices.
The store designer/owner couldn't have been more helpful and friendly.
The GG's are a bit skimpy and the choice in the shop is also a bit skimpy. If you like skimpy then it's your kind of store.
I noticed a few things for the guys too and a selection of shoes. I think it is a good store for new residents as it has a big selection of free gifts.
I noticed all the girls chose the Birba leggings and have kept those to use after the blog pictures were taken.
Gempabumi is wearing
Hair:  Damselfly Jaycee
Outfit: ***Lucky Night*** Amber shirt
 ***Lucky Night*** Night Birba leggings
Shoes: ICGF black leather wedges
Sometimes, people ask me, "Gempabumi, what is your SLecret to looking so good?  How do you stay so hawt? "
As embarrassing as it is, I know my pixels are to DIE for and as such, it's my sacred duty to guide those SLess fortunate. 

A  SLigure like mine isn't one that we're BORN with.  It takes lots of hard work and great workout clothes. 
Gempaumi took her pictures at  YuNi Gym - Workout Equipment
I am finding the thought of Gempabumi in a gym hilarious as i normally have to TP her everywhere because she's too lazy. 
 Deirdre is wearing
 Hair - Truth- Lila - Cocoa
Outfit:***Lucky Night*** Night Birba leggings
 Meli Imako - Mesh Ladies Blazer with T shirt tucked
Accessories: :: R a i n : Silver Hoop Earrings
L&B Swear "Love my Cat " Necklace  women
Shoes: :KC : JORA Boots
Victoria is wearing
Hair: GG from a long time ago
Outfit: ***Lucky Night*** Night Birba leggings
Black Microskirt from Ad♥rsy (GGC31)
Knotted Tank Top from NyDesigns ( GGC 35)
Accessories: Kinky Collar from Epia
Lanake bracelets set by Brii
Shoes: Oddity Boots from A&D(GG)

Tattoos from BlaiseDesigns
Judie is wearing
Outfit:  ***Lucky Night***Iris Dress( Mesh and classic)
Accessories: Euphorie-Scarlet necklace
Shoes:  ***Lucky Night***Ele shoes(Maitreya,Slink,Belleza)
 Deirdre is wearing
 Hair : Soonsiki- Diamond
Outfit: Smesh  - Tank Top and Shorts ( Gift)
Shoes:  ***Lucky Night***Ele shoes(Maitreya,Slink,Belleza)
Accessories: HOC Industries - Watch 01 F
Lazuri Perllina Necklace
LaGyo_ Meyza Earrings
Judie is wearing
Hair: Argrace-IBUKI
Outfit:  ***Lucky Night***Ariel Dress(Slink, ebody,Maitreya,Classic)
(Shoes inc. Slink, Maitreya)
Applier pasties(not worn)
Accessories: Euphorie-Scarlet necklace

Judie is wearing
Hair: Argrace-IBUKI
Outfit:  ***Lucky Night***Jolie Dress (Classic and mesh)
(Shoes inc.Maitreya,Slink,Belleza)
Applier pasties(not worn)
Accessories: Euphorie-Scarlet necklace
 Deirdre is wearing
Hair: Dela - Lila ( Gift)
Outfit: ***Lucky Night***Gold dress(Necklace inc.)
Shoes: JD - Cult Gold Heels

Judie is wearing
Hair: Magika-Trouble
Outfit: ***Lucky Night***Gold dress(Necklace inc.)
Shoes: ChicChica Princess-Gold
Bo is wearing
Hair: ARGRACE:Karin
***Lucky Night***Gold dress (Necklace inc.)
Accessories: ***Lucky Night*** Gold Necklace with Beads and Pendant Purple, Lazuri Tres Chic Bracelet, (hh) Mothers Day Earrings, Ghee Sequined Purse (Designer Showcase Gift)
Shoes: ::KC:: Brazillia Shoes (hud)

Judie is wearing
Hair: Magika-Trouble
Outfit: ***Lucky Night*** Pam Micro shorts
***Lucky Night*** Amber shirt
I clicked the Midnight Mania board whilst i was in the store, and this is the gift i received.

Judie is wearing
Hair: Magika-Trouble
Outfit: ***Lucky Night*** MM Prize Mortisia (Mesh,Fitmesh,Classic)
Shoes: Included in Gift