Sunday, August 20, 2017

(TC) Theme Challenge Sunday "Where has time flown?"

The summer passed us all too quickly!
We are now on our 20th Week for Theme Challenges. In honor of our super terrific teamwork we are sharing a collage of past Theme Challenges!  These really capture the personalities of the Judie and Bo, don't they?!
And we wish everyone who is heading back to school this month... GOOD STUDIES!!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Welcome to GGC 22 E*A Glamour Store

I found this little store after a look through my group notices and was trying to be organised as i can't get near the computer this week due to demands in RL and i didn't want to leave Bo with all the work.
This store only had one GG but it is quite cute. It is simply called EA Glamour Tunic Maitreya.
Judge for yourself.
I took myself off to HAZARDOUS to take the pictures as i have found a lovely light here and rarely any lag to contend with.

Judie is wearing
EXILE Memory Bliss
Aprillia Azure Similar Shoes(Slink)
JD Lacey Choker

Gem is wearing
Rezology --Cuddle 
KC Caty Wedges
Tabou Romy earrings

E.A. Glamour 01 08 17 Gift Tunic --- Accessories: Provoked . Gaia Unity Bracelet and necklace
Hair: Magika
Shoes: KC Suami Heels,

Deirdre is wearing
  Malibu Earrings Silver - Rebel Hope
     Crescent Moon Necklace -  Brii 
     ::GB:: - Orion hand belt with chain black
     DuckNipple - Jeans 01 - Rips
 Redgrave - Biker Boots Black
I love how Dee always brings a unique twist and a bit more modesty to a quite plain outfit.
She has a classic body and close up she said it didn't quite fit , but it looks great in the pictures.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Venezia - Prada Sim

Last week I visited the magnificent sim for Venezia. It's very well done and a lovely place for taking pictures like a tourist! (HA! I giggle about the idea of touring Venice, Italy and kind of like that! It may mean giving fresh perspective to a city I know quite well!)

Over time I will do a some snaps at various locations on the sim. Sure will improve on the snaps from last week. I noted details AFTER I saved the pics. My graphics card is not the best, so I like to use Gimp to touch up as necessary.  The perspective on the below image is fine, but does no justice to what you see when landing on the sim! Also... there are no floating buildings - that was just me not observing that for the photo shoot! :) 
More to come for Venezia in the future. There are shops, and lots of little nooks and crannies to visit with friends or your love to see as well! Check it out!

Your Taxi to Venezia in Second Life

What is Bo wearing?
*COCO* Gift HalterGown Black
Moondance Boutique Nancy Earrings
Lazuri Tres Chic Bracelet and Ring
Magika - Out of Breath Hair

KC - Brazilia Shoes with hud

Late Summer Home decor Tweaks

Last night I made a couple home decor tweaks that reflect late summer. We're in the home stretch for the dog days... Thanks for the input, girls.
(BA) Monhegan Tinyhouse

(TC) Themed Challenge Sunday, "Intense Research/Studies"

Let's check in on the girls as we spy them from outside a study cottage. We see Bo's head and a sliver of Judie as they are in the throws of intense research.
As we study fashion formula's for not only real life, but also Second Life, the girls are set to the desks, books, pens and paper at hand to reflect the reality of our real live research studies that we do each week.  Not only do we have a terrific time creating the sets, planning and executing ideas for Group Gift Challenges, WTF (virtual fashion faux pas), Theme Challenges, etc... for our blog, but also we enjoy locking ourselves in to new ventures and "how to tutorials" with the seemingly never ended prospects we are so fortunate to experience as a team via virtual reality.

What is Judie wearing?
Outfit: Blueberry Mia Jeans, ISON Cropped Button up blouse
Accessories: PetroFF MK Female Watch, Lazuri Tres Chic White set, Karacter Executive glasses (gift)
Shoes: Ingenue:: Sabrina Flats - Denim
Hair: Magika - Hush

What is Bo wearing?
Outfit: Larry Jeans . 023 V.Cut Maitreya Applier in black
!gO! shirt pink short sleeve 2 "love"
Shoes: (kokoia) Vernon sneakers (10 color options hud)
Magika, Bad Habit

Friday, August 11, 2017


I found this shop whilst looking through my group notices. It's quite a big shop with
cutsie/sexy looking outfits. They have a huge selection. There are two GG boards. One is 100L join fee and the one next to it is a free to join group with a selection of about 12 items.
I took them all and chose the ones i liked and asked the girls to go and choose what they liked. I have been back 2 times and as yet i haven't seen a change in gift choices. but maybe its done monthly.
I had a brief IM with the shop owner after i informed her we where doing a piece on her store and she seemed  nice and friendly, so i hope if you ever had any issues she would be obliging and helpful.

Gempabumi is wearing
Cremosas Dress #124
KC Caty Wedges
Damselfly Willow

Gempabumi is wearing
Diva Kelly Garnet
CK USA Superstar sneakers
Cremosas Dress Chay with belt
Dress #45 (Fitmesh and popular mesh bodies)
JD Lacey Black (maitreya)
MG Lovecatcher Heart Earrings and necklace (hud)
Catwa Lama Summer blonde

Chey Dress (hud)(Fitmesh and popular mesh)
Truth Cheri
Alaskametro<3 Brilla
Chain Lacey Choker

CREMOSAS Skirt# 89 (hud) (Fitmesh and popular mesh)
Buona crema tank Maitreya(Judies own)
CREMOSAS SneakersV1 (hud)
MG Lovecatcher Heart Earrings and necklace (hud)
Magika -Plenty

Bo is wearing
1. Dress Chay (12 colors),
Accessories: !Rebel Hope - Island Girl Green Earrings, ::Modish - Nadine Gem Bracelet Gold (Emerald),
Shoes: kokoia, Mikonos in white,
Hair: (e) Libby
2. Dress Chay with Belt
Accessories: (Mistwood) Stone of Jordan Bracelet (stone color changer)
Shoes: fir. - Polly Sandals (Wheat) (gift)
Hair: (e) Libby

Deirdre is wearing
 Cremosas Store - Mini dress Maitreya
     Wicked Tattoos; Stardom Jeans
     Zenith Belt necklace
     L. Warwick Miranda High Plantform Wedge Coppertop
     Earthstones Callie Bangle
     Earthstones Falling leaves earring
     Hair; Pr!tty Hippie with windblow bang

Deirdre is wearing
Cremosas Store Top Mesh light blue
     Cremosas Store Skirt #89 with Hud 15
     DD Isn't it Romantic Bra
     Pure Poison - Kyrah Sandals Green
     Dela Mesh hair - Rowen
     Earthstones - callie Bangle
     Earthstones twisted hoop rings
     Cross Charm necklace - Gild

Victoria is wearing
(I had to add Victorias own description as it would be such a waste not to share this)

"On my head, my omnipresent Baby Onyx hair by Analog Dog (come on, I bet you was missing it...)
A little bit lower (I feel naked without it) my "Love My Cat" necklace from Lapointe & BastChild Designs
Covering my chubby but yet attractive body, Ana Markova's comfortable Nikki Jumpsuit
On my feet, marking my steps, lovely High Heels Sneakers from Cremosa Store, lovely groupgift with 36 textures available!
Call the number in your TV and order this great product now!! If you call in the next 10 minutes, you get the texture HUD for FREE !!
Call now, our operators are waiting!!"

๐Ÿ˜Š ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜Š

Sunday, August 6, 2017

(TC) Themed Challenge "Pajama Party"

To start... creating this post I experienced another one for the book, "You Know You've Been away from home too long when...".  I could not for the life of me remember how to spell Pajama!! SAD! Oy! Reboot to English language starting immediately.

This morning we present our Sunday Theme Challenge "Pajama Party". We have a Bo and Judie room created just for our pillow fights, makeup parties, long talks, and temporarily returning to our teen years to talk about boys.
What is Bo wearing?
Sweet E's Kitty Pajamas with Ears, (e) Lena Hair (hud)

What is Judie wearing?
Argrace Riley
[PPD]KittyKat Pajama set in Black (pink also available)
Ears where a freebie bento gift .

Items on the set:
Bo's home, Monhegan TinyHouse by Barnesworth Anubis
I created the images with the girls names and uploaded, created prims in white for frames.
What Next Amelie Large Chest of Drawers,
What Next eucalyptus (stand) and rubber tree (stand)
What Next Costmetics
Soy Bed metal Platform Bed,
Soy Vintage Metal Headboard Type B
Soy Vintage Lace Curtain
Cathaus Snow Rug
Zen Creations Puppy Power Pillows and Puppy,
Jian Vellum Candles (single - color options)
Bazar Paris books and Paris flowers
Bazar Memories Bedroom mirror
Bazar Floria Kitchen Chandelier
(Aura's) Patisserie Chic - (Mini Balloon Pink) (gift from Judie)
(YD) Teddy Bear, - Tres Chic Anniversary Gift
!gO! Bubu Elf (this was a gacha item from the main store and a little retail therapy for me) ๐Ÿ˜Š

Friday, August 4, 2017

Welcome to 20th GGC Petry Model Store

This week i asked the girls to come and have a look at this store with me as we have a mix of mesh and classic bodies and i like the girls to feel enthusiastic about what we are doing. Immediately Gem found her perfect pullover and they had all started choosing their GG's and trying them on, and we stayed in the store much longer than planned
Pre Blog Shopping
So i guess it was a success. I got all the tattoo GG's to try on Judie but some just didn't seem to work. Not sure why. Maybe something i'm doing wrong, but don't normally have trouble.
There was a good choice of GG's from all the popular groups too as you can see in the background of the picture. The girls and i have been back a few times to look round some more and i have bought some things from MP too.
Here is the link to MP

Judies first choice was 
The TATTOOED fitmesh dress
with added socks which had all main mesh appliers.
Hair by Mina :- Kaya
ArisAris My Wish Stilettos

Judies second choice was
TATTOOED Dress KY2 (Maitreya)
This dress comes with a hud that can independently change the bra/ skirt/frill, so you get so many colour options
Shoes and hair as before.
Pictures taken at Hazadous

Judies third choice was
The TATTOOED Top K2(hud)
Addams Grecia Suit Pants (Brown)
Hair and shoes as above
I absolutely loved this top and the great range of textures. A real keeper.

Bo is wearing
Bo also chose the TATTOOED Dress KY2 (Maitreya)
Accessories:  :: PM :: Gitana Earrings – On9 Edition,
 Allura Elegance Ring (hud) and Stacks of Pearls Bracelet
Shoes: KC Suami Heels (hud)
Hair: Argrace Nanao

Gempabumi is wearing
Gizza Venus Gem Sandals,
 Damselfly Jaycee

Deirdre is wearing
 The TATTOOED Dress KY2 (Hud)
N-Core CALYSSA Boots
Earthstones Marquessa Diamond Earrings, Necklace and  bracelet
    Mina Hair- Lieke
Tattooed Top K2( Hud)
     EccentriciXi - Jean skirt
    Earthstones - Callie bangles
    Earthstones - Triple Tear Earrings and Neclace
    Ilka Sneakers 558 - Briii
    Zalea - Fino HF2016 Zealot 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Personalising a new Secondlife Avatar (Part 2,Male)

After having examples of female avatars, we thought we would do a male one for you guys out there.
We started with the basic MARCUS avatar from the new mesh av's .
We went to Curves, Shapes and Skins and found a free group join and 2 male and 2 female mesh heads that included Slink appliers for hands and feet and a skin. We preferred the SAM shape and skin. The head gifts on the left where a gift  from the free to join group SL Free@O.

After we went to Fabia and there where a selection of gifts on a table and a free to join group.

We also found a good hair at Emotions in the gift department called AIDAN. Then we went to GIZZA and got the February 2017 gift and the May gift for men. 
The earring came from No.Match and is called No,Salvation which we got by subscribing to L'Homme magazine. The gift has since changed.

If you want to get a profile picture on your profile you need 10L and that can be achieved by playing Linan Realms  at the Portal Park.
Not a bad result for FREE.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Personalizing a new Second Life Avatar

This is my version of personalizing a new Second Life Avatar in the most simple manner. There are a lot of ways to develop and change your avatar appearance. Judie and I both recommend checking out StrawberrySingh blog and on YouTube for some excellent tutorials!

For this post, I changed my avatar to "Kimberly". She is beautifully done in her own right and doesn't NEED changing, in my opinion. However, it's great to do so unless you want to run in to a lot of look-alikes if you socialize on Second Life. I thought it might be interesting to imagine first joining Second Life, exploring, and maybe wanting to see what dancing is like at some place like The Titanic, or Bogarts Jazz Club... there are a lot of options that sure I don't even know about.
A Bo personalized new creation
Per Judie's suggestion, I checked out FREE DOVE and was able to find some beautiful items for free! There is a donation box as well, IF someone can afford to donate.

I picked out the following items:
- Shapes by Mim - Angela Shape
- (You can see in the pictures that also I tried the Style by Kira - Elena Skin 01L
opt. 2)
- *Lurve* Rose of My Heart Formal gown.
- Celtic Gold Pearl Earrings and Pendant
- (I tried the Sentinus-Aysel Fitted Mesh Hair Allcolors by Sentinus Design, but it didn't really work for this project)

Then to personalize even more and give a bit of a luscious look, I used my LAQ Camille Essential Skin - Tone 1.5 (this was an LAQ Group Gift), and I have the *ARGRACE* SAKURA in Ash Brown Hair (this was an ARGRACE Group Gift).

In my opinion this is an avatar started as a very pretty girl next door, and I personalized her to look like ... this! She is very different to Bo and doesn't resemble me in the least. Pretty neat though, eh?! And all for FREE!

And now hear from Judie, the fashion expert of our Team...

I started with the basic Anna avatar, then went to Free Dove and got the SL F&O Gift Shape girl from Curves Shapes and Skins and a static mesh head.
A Judie personalized new creation
The first hair was from EMOtions (JONA). Then added my own shape to make her taller.  I had a free AO called Chica Mala that a friend gave me.
After that I tried a blonde hair from REZOLOGY called Save the Queen, but the hair and skin didn't match up well for the look I was trying to achieve for this post, so I looked back at the basic avatars and got the skin from KARA.
At this point I tried another hair from Free Dove called JUDD by Exile and added the jewellery from Free Dove, Lazuri Ophira.

I then went to Maitreya to join the free group and got the mesh lashed and fitted them. Not an easy job even when you have mastered editing. And then went to LAQ and got the free GG Camilla skin. After a bit of staring at this new avatar look, I played around a bit more with the hair and last decided to add the hair that I was lucky to get at the HAIR FAIR from EXILE called Judd and Evie (fat pack).

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Luxe Paris Summer Fashion Collection Review

๐ŸŽˆ LUXE Paris Summer Fashion Collection! ๐ŸŽˆ

We are so happy to have had the chance to write a review for the
LUXE Paris Summer Fashion Collection!
This time we decided to share pictures of Judie and Bo for 9 of the outfits of the Collection. Judie is more model material, and Bo just does what Bo does.  We both have fun in the process! Yay again for TEAM WORK! ๐Ÿ˜Š

What a terrific opportunity to have a close look at the work of these designers! Creating clothing for Second Life is an art, and the designers at LUXE Paris are demonstrating the kind of quality one expects to find in a name associated with Paris also in the real world.

Sunday Theme Challenge "Our sunny dispositions"

The sunshine girls had a late night party and didn't get home until the wee hours of the morning. Without thinking twice they put on their most comfy PJ's and robes and went straight out to the deck to have an extra early morning coffee and watch the sun rise through cucumbers and aloe masks... and chillax!

Image taken at Bo's SL Home set up with "(ba) monhegan tinyhouse", Featuring (sf) Beach Adirondack chairs and in front of Judie and Bo is the much needed espresso - 24-8f8 -La Petite Joie Cafรจ - Espresso Order.

What is Judie wearing?
SM Ladies Bathrobe, Mom's plaid (Maitreya)
:::ChicChica::: Bonnie Slippers
cheLLe (face mask) Avocado, cheLLe - cucumber slices
Mina hair, Kaya

What is Bo wearing?
Mesh-Ladies Bathrobe - RPF pink set
cheLLe (face mask) Avocado, cheLLe - cucumber slices
Night Shirt - Zero to Bitch Hair & Curlers w/Bobby Pins (blonde), cigarette

Friday, July 28, 2017

Welcome to our 19th GGC . Asteria Mainstore

This week we decided to use  Asteria Mainstore  . One of our friends suggested this store a while back and after another look it looked like a very good choice.
Outside is the group joiner and on the right is a huge choice of classic GG's and some more on the inside that is more up to date and mesh based.

 Deirdre is wearing
Beige Top  - Asteria ( available in 5 colors)
Skirt - Asteria ( available in 5 colors)
Hair - Entwined- Daisy
Heels; KC Minnesota Heels
Eudora 3D Eos Earrings
Pentagram witch Celtic Cross - Long cord Necklace- Celtic Myst

Dee is wearing
Shirt in pink - Asteria ( available in 5 colors)
Short - Asteria 
(Dee mentioned that the alpha was very badly made for these shorts and she had to search through her inventory to find one that worked better)
Oddity Boots - CAsh ¬ women basics
Dela Hair- Rowen

Dee is wearing
Beige Top - Asteria
Jeans Tantum - Alien Gizmo
Hair; Soonsiki - Diamond
Earthstones Callie Bangles - With love
Earthstones Triple tear Earrings and Necklace
Western Boots brown

Bo is wearing Asteria Creations, Shana Mesh Jumpsuit in Dark Grey and Blue
Accessories: MG Pear Necklaces, Combo Short V2 (FLF), SnowPaws Cubist Earrings in Silver, (Mistwood) Stone of Jordan Bracelet (hud)
Shoes: kokoia, Manaus
Hair: *Argrace* Ichigo

This week we have a new friend join us. Welcome Tillies. Tillies dress sense is very unique and eclectic, and normally involves seeing more of her when she's dressed than you would do
if she was naked. I don't know how she does it. It's a real skill.
Tillies is wearing
Hat;  Asteria Group Gift   SL 13th Birthday Gift
Necklace: Asteria Group Gift   "Flower" Necklace
Hair:   EMBW   Taf Hair
Earrings: {Violet Voltaire} Doll Face Goth Earrings
Dress by mellizabel  Wide feminine Retro Dress

Judie chose 2 outfits from the classic ( Judie has a Maitreya body) range outside the shop to show the quality. The 2 mini dresses are lovely and come out well when i turned the graphics up high. There was a third colour (black) on display, but when i unpacked it , it was another red. A store error.

Judie is wearing
Eternal Magic Formal Dress 
BF Back drop necklace Gold
Damani Pearl Moon earrings
Exile hair Class Act
SSD Aphrodite jewelled Stilettos (Slink)

Judie is wearing
Red Mini
Exile Class Act
Snowpaws Shoes Follies Heels Shocking Red ( Slink)

Ivory Mini
Exile Class Act
Snowpaws Pigalle Shoes White (Slink)

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Three Judies is better than one

I found a new way of displaying pictures with a little help from a friend.
Thank you (you know who you are).
I can delete the backgrounds, but it takes me ages and at the moment i don't have the patience , so he has kindly done the hard work for me, leaving me free to play with the result.
The Three Judies(Graces)