(GGC) Group Gift Challenges - summary

GGC 47, Boho Chic - starring Gem, Bo, Judie, Dee

GGC 46, MH Unique Design - starring Lone

GGC 45, Prism - starring Judie, Dee, Bo

GGC 44, BWC - starring Bo, Gem, Judie

GGC 43, Emerald Couture starring Bo, Judie, Dee

GGC 42*CGF Composer Girls Fashion starring Gem, Judie, Bo, Dee

GGC 41, *BSASSY* starring Dee and Judie

GGC 40,  R&R SWAG starring Victoria and Gem

GGC, 39, [WellMade] starring Dee, Bo, Judie

GGC 38, Vinyl starring Judie

GGC 37, YELIZ starring Bo, Judie, Gem

GGC 36, *It's Gau* Fashion Store starring Judie, Dee, Bo (guest starring Sun)

GGC 35, ***Lucky Night*** starring Gem

GGC 34, Egoxentrikax & Bluebell starring Dee

GGC 33, NY Designs starring Judie

GGC 32, *Stars*Fashion* starring Deidre

GGC 31, Ad♥rsy starring Judie

GGC 30, DeVaux Designs starring Bo, Dee, Gem, Judie

GGC 29, CoCoChes Store - Gem and Judie

GGC 28, Coco Designs - Victoria and Dee

GGC 27, Tiffany Designs - Dee and Judie

GGC 26, Santiago Designs, starring Dee

GGC 25, Precious Designs starring Gem

GGC 24, FLG & No Cabide, starring Gem

GGC 23, Meshy Bishes Store, starring Judie

GGC 22, E*A Glamour Store, starring Dee 

GGC 21, starring the Unstoppable Victoria!,
"On my feet, marking my steps, lovely High Heels Sneakers from Cremosa Store, lovely groupgift with 36 textures available!"

GGC 20, Petry Model Store starring Gem, Dee, Tillies

GGC 19, Asteria Mainstore hat starring Tillies, White mini dress starring Judie, Pink shorts and top starring Dee

GGC 18, PosESioN Anais and Gretel Stands, starring Judie

GGC 17, Nicole skirt Navy Denim starring Deirdre & Poppi Dress starring Gem by TRS Designs

Week 16, Gerri Dress starring CallaAi by Alien Gizmo

Week 15, Molly Blazer Dress starring Gem by Gizza

Week 14, Char Dress Denim Flowers starring Victoria and Ronny by Just Ordinary
(he couldn't resist giving it a go! 😊 )

Week 13, Tiffannie sleeveless Tank Dress starring Gem by GeMyles Couture Flagship

Week 13, Vivian Gown starring Judie by Rowenas

Week 13, Cadency Dress starring Dede by ArisAris

Week 12, Sophie dress starring Gem, by Hillie Haalan (HH)

Week 12, Spencer dress starring Judie, by Legendaire

Week 11, Summer Tunic starring Coral, by Legendaire

Week 10, Trinity Bikini starring DeDe by Faboo

Week 10, Puerto Rico Bikini starring Gempabumi by Faboo

Week 9, Kai herb top by (Indyra)

Week 8, Halter vest Dress starring DeDe by LRD

Week 8, Astrid Gown starring Judie by LRD

Week 7, Coco Complete outfit starring Dede by (hh)

Week 7, Peggy Open Back Dress starring Victoria by (hh)

Week 7, Peggy Open Back Sweater starring DeDe by (hh)

Week 6, Yanette Dress by Hottest Fashion

Week 5, Kamilla Dress via Teleport Hub

Week 4, Bae Dress by SnowPaws

Week 3, Segalle Halter Dress by SnowPaws

Week 2, Gala Gown by LRD

Week 1, MOZ black ribbed knit leggings

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