Bo's Home

I am working on a "Four Seasons" project with my Virtual Home.  I own a lot of homes and cottages in my inventory, as this is my passion in Second Life. It's such a pleasure to escape to my own little virtual world and create, destroy, recreate or simply decorate. My friends tease that I change out consistently and they are correct.
At this juncture - this is my favorite place to be other than my real home with my Love and our two real kittens, of course.
This is the Barnesworth Anubis Lakeside Cottage, and I LOVE IT!

So far I have worked on the exterior of the home for Winter Season. (Yes, don't roll your eyes, Sun... how many times have I changed little details or big details each day? LOL)  But this is what it will be for the time being. It's too far from Christmas holiday season and don't want to be tired of Christmas until after Thanksgiving (Americans should understand that ). More details will follow, but I have used Trompe L'oeil lanterns, Dust Bunny Welcome Mat with boots, 3D Young Birch tree group, Apple Fall juniper topiaries, Bella Point Berry flower plants, Snowy bench and random ground candles by Kidd Landscaping, White Bramley bench and Promenade Lantern by What Next.

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