Sunday, July 30, 2017

Luxe Paris Summer Fashion Collection Review

๐ŸŽˆ LUXE Paris Summer Fashion Collection! ๐ŸŽˆ

We are so happy to have had the chance to write a review for the
LUXE Paris Summer Fashion Collection!
This time we decided to share pictures of Judie and Bo for 9 of the outfits of the Collection. Judie is more model material, and Bo just does what Bo does.  We both have fun in the process! Yay again for TEAM WORK! ๐Ÿ˜Š

What a terrific opportunity to have a close look at the work of these designers! Creating clothing for Second Life is an art, and the designers at LUXE Paris are demonstrating the kind of quality one expects to find in a name associated with Paris also in the real world.

Sunday Theme Challenge "Our sunny dispositions"

The sunshine girls had a late night party and didn't get home until the wee hours of the morning. Without thinking twice they put on their most comfy PJ's and robes and went straight out to the deck to have an extra early morning coffee and watch the sun rise through cucumbers and aloe masks... and chillax!

Image taken at Bo's SL Home set up with "(ba) monhegan tinyhouse", Featuring (sf) Beach Adirondack chairs and in front of Judie and Bo is the much needed espresso - 24-8f8 -La Petite Joie Cafรจ - Espresso Order.

What is Judie wearing?
SM Ladies Bathrobe, Mom's plaid (Maitreya)
:::ChicChica::: Bonnie Slippers
cheLLe (face mask) Avocado, cheLLe - cucumber slices
Mina hair, Kaya

What is Bo wearing?
Mesh-Ladies Bathrobe - RPF pink set
cheLLe (face mask) Avocado, cheLLe - cucumber slices
Night Shirt - Zero to Bitch Hair & Curlers w/Bobby Pins (blonde), cigarette

Friday, July 28, 2017

Welcome to our 19th GGC . Asteria Mainstore

This week we decided to use  Asteria Mainstore  . One of our friends suggested this store a while back and after another look it looked like a very good choice.
Outside is the group joiner and on the right is a huge choice of classic GG's and some more on the inside that is more up to date and mesh based.

 Deirdre is wearing
Beige Top  - Asteria ( available in 5 colors)
Skirt - Asteria ( available in 5 colors)
Hair - Entwined- Daisy
Heels; KC Minnesota Heels
Eudora 3D Eos Earrings
Pentagram witch Celtic Cross - Long cord Necklace- Celtic Myst

Dee is wearing
Shirt in pink - Asteria ( available in 5 colors)
Short - Asteria 
(Dee mentioned that the alpha was very badly made for these shorts and she had to search through her inventory to find one that worked better)
Oddity Boots - CAsh ¬ women basics
Dela Hair- Rowen

Dee is wearing
Beige Top - Asteria
Jeans Tantum - Alien Gizmo
Hair; Soonsiki - Diamond
Earthstones Callie Bangles - With love
Earthstones Triple tear Earrings and Necklace
Western Boots brown

Bo is wearing Asteria Creations, Shana Mesh Jumpsuit in Dark Grey and Blue
Accessories: MG Pear Necklaces, Combo Short V2 (FLF), SnowPaws Cubist Earrings in Silver, (Mistwood) Stone of Jordan Bracelet (hud)
Shoes: kokoia, Manaus
Hair: *Argrace* Ichigo

This week we have a new friend join us. Welcome Tillies. Tillies dress sense is very unique and eclectic, and normally involves seeing more of her when she's dressed than you would do
if she was naked. I don't know how she does it. It's a real skill.
Tillies is wearing
Hat;  Asteria Group Gift   SL 13th Birthday Gift
Necklace: Asteria Group Gift   "Flower" Necklace
Hair:   EMBW   Taf Hair
Earrings: {Violet Voltaire} Doll Face Goth Earrings
Dress by mellizabel  Wide feminine Retro Dress

Judie chose 2 outfits from the classic ( Judie has a Maitreya body) range outside the shop to show the quality. The 2 mini dresses are lovely and come out well when i turned the graphics up high. There was a third colour (black) on display, but when i unpacked it , it was another red. A store error.

Judie is wearing
Eternal Magic Formal Dress 
BF Back drop necklace Gold
Damani Pearl Moon earrings
Exile hair Class Act
SSD Aphrodite jewelled Stilettos (Slink)

Judie is wearing
Red Mini
Exile Class Act
Snowpaws Shoes Follies Heels Shocking Red ( Slink)

Ivory Mini
Exile Class Act
Snowpaws Pigalle Shoes White (Slink)

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Three Judies is better than one

I found a new way of displaying pictures with a little help from a friend.
Thank you (you know who you are).
I can delete the backgrounds, but it takes me ages and at the moment i don't have the patience , so he has kindly done the hard work for me, leaving me free to play with the result.
The Three Judies(Graces)

Sunday Theme Challenge, "Date Night"

This week our challenge was "Date Night". And we took some shots which all look fine at first, but after further review I decided that another photo shoot is in order.  It would well be worth it for a future re-do!
So the best picture for the weeks challenge goes to Judie and Ronny!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Progress of (BA) Tinyhouse

Creating an ideal setting is one of my favorite things to do on Second Life. Love the process!  The below are progress so far. I am creating a space that is perfect for the most hot summer days.

I sat outside waiting for Bo yesterday in the sun.
It's a lovely relaxing place.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Welcome to our 18th GGC. *PosESion*

I chose this challenge to give the girls something different as we have had quite a run of slightly dull , uninspiring GG's recently.
I found this store from a Group Notice. There are many poses all round a very well laid out store.
There is a huge array of group gifts and 3 lucky chairs that change letter regularly, and these 2 pose sets stood out to me as they where so beautiful and i wasn't disappointed.
I hope the girls have found them inspiring as well and for sure i will be using them a lot in the future.
In the area in the front of the shop is The darkness Monthly Event being held. Very interesting for the goth/fae/dark ones amongst us who like good props for photography.

Bo has got all creative on me this week. I love the result. Endless possibilities once you start playing with effects.
PosESioN Anais Stands for Model Ao Set & PosESioN Gretel Stands for Model Ao
Sets combined in this animated image.
Bo is wearing:
Dress: Petite Mort, Vega Strapless Dress
Accessories: (JUSTICE) LIV ARM BAND left and right in silver,
L&B (C) "Celtic Promise" Silver Earrings, Fallen Gods Ink & Taf face tattoo, black
Hair: Magika - Bad Habit

Judie is wearing:
Angelwing Silver Bead Silks Lower and upper skirt.
*TL* Insanely Hot 10 bracelet,harness,panties,high heels,nipple cover.
Emo-tions Titania hair and mask.
Faeline Fairy Wings Emi (Lily)
DeeTalez Gift animated glitter on chest and stomach.

Gempabumi sent us 5 really beautiful pictures. Her photography seems really inspired, and the peaceful background really shows off her inner beauty in these pictures.
She used the Gretal AO pose animations.
Gempabumi is wearing:
Gizza Venus Gem heels
 Damselfly Jaycee
 Blaraby Spring Dress Polka Salmon

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A visit to Free Dove

I havn't been to look at freebie places for a while and wondered how much they had changed since mesh bodies had arrived. It shows you how long it is since i went looking.
I went to FREE DOVE last week and after giving a donation(which i only think is right as i am not a new resident, and not desperate for cloths) i went for a look round to see if i could put together 6 very simple outfits. I was suprised how much mesh there was there as a Noob isnt going to be able to afford a mesh body for the first few weeks , but i guess you have to take alts into account.

Hair by rezology Boon
Liz mesh Dress blue
BM Leana Basic pumps (hud) fits Slink Maitreya and classic

Hair by Fabia Rima (Hud)
Stars fashion black dress (Classic and appliers for all popular mesh bodies)
BM Pumps as above

Hair by Tameless Beatrice (hud)
Sweet E's Marie short set (Classic Slink Maitreya Belleza
BM Pumps as before

Rezology Save the Queen
{Le'la}Dora Dress
BM pumps as above

Hair Rezology Save The Queen
and Tameless as before
TD Hilary Mesh Dress
BM Pumps as before

Monday, July 17, 2017

Another adorable cottage by Barnesworth Anubis!

Casually, about once per month I see what are the most recent prefabs in world at Collabor88.  I was lucky enough to find another great little cottage by BA (Barnesworth Anubis)!
"[ba] monhegan tinyhouse"
Bo is sitting on the *AF* Herb Garden Log Seat, which had been a gift from one of the Gacha rounds, but I have to remember to make note in the future which gift came from where.
I am itching to decorate this baby!  Will share progress.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday Theme Challenge, "Dog Walking"

Here you see Bo and Judie walking the dogs. There is no need for a leash in the virtual world. I think my daughter will get a kick out of seeing the number of weenie dogs Judie has here! ๐Ÿ˜€
There is also no need for virtual potty bags.
Or is there?!
What is Judie wearing?
Outfit: Petit Mort Grunge Sweater in cream
Blueberry Babe Shorts
Shoes: Petit Mort Olive Welly Boots
Hair: Argrace Flat Cap MIO (M)
Judie's dogs: .tsg. Yorkie haribow caramel (Gatcha)
Basset hound sitting 2
JIAN wonky weenies Hot dog companion
puppy pooh belonged to Judie errrr... one of her dogs. LOL

What is Bo wearing?
Petite Mort - Claira peach slip dress
Accessories: L&B (C) (W) "Celtic Promise" Necklace - Silver
(Mistwood) Stone of Jordan - Bracelet (color changeable stone)
Shoes: Petite Mort - Navajo flipflops
Hair: (e) Lena
Bo's dogs: JIAN Countryside Collies :: Wanderer Pup Bi & Tri

Location: Bo's home (not in Malibu)
Trees and path:  TMG THE SECRET WOOD*
Additional Flowers: T-Spot Design meadow flowers in blue, pink, yellow/orange patches

Friday, July 14, 2017

Welcome to the 17th GGC TRS Designs Mainstore

This week we are using TRS Designs Mainstore.
I went a few weeks ago and again this week to have a good look round and the GG's are changed regularly.
I like to get these GGC's organised about 2 weeks in advance, so you will notice that there is a July 4th theme going on with the GG's as it was the beginning of July when i set the girls their challenge ,and if you go back each week the gifts will have different.
All the GG's had classic and popular mesh appliers in them. It is a well laid out shop and there are lots of offers , a MM board and  a good range and GG's available from most of the popular groups.
We do this GGC  with new residents (Noobs) in mind who may read this Blog and see that you can start with free GG's and still look good and then later remember that store and go back when you have learnt more and have some money to spend.
My point, yet again is 'why do so many stores not put more effort into their GG's'?
Shapeless badly textures GG's are not going to be remembered and will go straight in the delete folder and they won't get return customers.

Gempabumi is wearing
The July 4th Sandra Gown USA GG
Hair By Damselfly  Jaycee

Gempabumi is wearing
Poppy Dress Red Stars GG
SD Meggy Silver heels
Hair Damselfly Jaycee

Gempabumi is wearing
TRS Nicole Skirt GG
Nya knee high sneaker
 Hilly Haalan  Women's Day gift sweater
Rezology Cuddle
Judie is wearing
Poppy Dress Red Stars GG
MG captured Love heart
[RISQUE] Bulletproof gatcha rare shoes
Slink hair / Swedish blonde

Judie is wearing
The July 4th Sandra Gown GG
*TD* Sweeping hearts Necklace and earrings
!!BH!! 4th July 2015 High Maitreya Pumps
Hair by Truth- Cheri
 Judie is wearing
TRS GG Poppy Dress Red hearts
=DeLa=* Sahara hair
ROC Lace up Thigh Boots ( Hud)
 Deirdre is wearing
Poppy dress Red hearts GG
Combat Boots grey   - Free Dove gift
JayBee Dieciseis Jeans low cut
Silver hoop earring  (freebie)
Akers Black top
Etham neck scarf with hud
Silver hoop bracelets ( freebie)
Soonski - Glamour Doll hair
 Deirdre is wearing
(No DeeDee, it's not your ass thats big in this dress. It's the dress that makes your ass look big. We all have big asses in this dress.)
 Sandra Gown USA GG
NCore Mambo High Heels ( Gift )
Silver tear Jewelry Set -  Celtic Myst
Hair; A & A Elise Sunset

  Deirdre is wearing
Outfit: Nicole skirt Navy Denim July GG
Black & White - Jacket
Hair: Tameless  Beatrice
Angle Socks striped - Brii Underground
Energie::. All stars High Chucks White
Accessories: ED Catch me necklace

Deirdre is wearing
Outfit: Poppy dress Red Stars GG
Hair: Damselfly Francie Fat Pack

Bo is wearing
Outfit: Poppy Dress Red Stars
Hair: Magika Honest
Accessories: (H) Nova Ladies Watch, 
SnowPaws Cubist Earrings in silver,
 LUXE Triangles Necklace in silver,
Shoes: fri. Polly.Sandals in Wheat

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sunday Theme Challenge, "Picnic"

This week the girls had a summer picnic! It was perfect for the 4th of July Holiday week!
Bo and Judie had so much fun with the picnic and the 4th of July celebration, they decided to set up stage, and put on their native flags and have a dance party in honor of both countries, USA and England!
๐Ÿ˜Š This was a great time! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Friday, July 7, 2017

Welcome to the 16th GGC Alien Gizmo

I have noticed this store ,Alien Gizmo, giving out  250L vouchers regularly since Christmas.
I'm not sure how he is making money , but crowds seem to show up to get the vouchers. So if at least half go back and use the voucher and buy one item i guess he is doing well.

It's a big, well laid out store with a lovely entrance and split into a MENS and WOMENS sections,  5 lucky chairs , Midnight mania and Midnight madness boards for both men and women.

Some of my friends have the male mesh body ADAM, so i always look out for that logo on items, and i found some here, and a pair of boots for ADAM on the GG board. (One of my friends left me an IM saying " ME ? wearing boots with chains?! NO).

The lotus dress has good detail but is only good for static poses not much movement. I found with Judies A.O. that her legs broke through the dress. This happens a lot on these long mesh dresses.

When you land in the main courtyard entrance there is a small building behind you specifically for Group members only and by wearing your group tag you get these items at a reduced price. (MOZ have a VIP room too ).

Bo is wearing
 Aliens Annika Corset,
 Larry jeans in black
Accessories: Moondance Boutique Nancy earrings,
 Nova Ladies Bracelets
 Shoes: KC Brazilia  sandels
Hair: elikatira : Libby (Gift from SL 13th birthday celebrations)

Judie is wearing
Bens Boutique Serra Skirt and belt (Hud)
(I went through all Judies skirts and shorts and this was the only one that fitted under the corset. And believe me, Judie has hundreds of skirts and shorts).
*PetroFF* MK Female watch (Hud)
Essenze Gambia (Cognac) For Maitreya

Judie is wearing
The Lotus dress (GG)
Essenze Gambia (Cognac) For Maitreya
Truth Hair : Cheri

Typical Judie, had to get all the gifts to try.
This one is the Geri Dress
Judie is wearing
CHAIN Lacey Choker
KC Excite  Shoes (Hud)
Truth Hair Cheri

This week we are joined by our friend CallaAi who has chosen the Geri dress

Callaai is wearing
Truth Hair: Kare
eBREATH Zarina Heels

Gempabumi has also chosen the Geri dress.
( I just thought i would point out that Gem obviously spends her spare time hanging out on street corners !!!)

Gem is wearing
The Geri dress GG
Shoes by KC Sylvia
Hair by Damselfly Jaycee

Deirdre chose the Lotus dress GG
( I must find out where you took these pictures Deedee)
Dee is wearing
The Lotus Dress GG
Cross Strappy pointed toe Heels ( Gift from Judie Walpole)
Bracelet; Fidais Triple Moon Armband;  Celtic Myst
Earrings' Mad about Pearl Drop earrings
Lazuri Perline Necklace 
Hair; Elika tira - Libby
Belly piercing; Gothic Rose _ Celtic Myst

Your taxi to Alien Gizmo