Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday Theme Challenge, Housework... what to wear?

Today we present the Theme Challenge - Housework.  What DOES one wear while taking care of home?  The glory of Second Life is that you can wear even a formal gown made of taffeta, gauze, silk and/or lace! You can also put on your angel wings or devil horns... it doesn't matter. What adds to the fun are the props and animations for the activities! I need to follow up with Judie about which she is using at her home and will edit that info here later. Bo is using the What Next Ironing Board in one of my GreyMoon Cottages (which is also a super sweet little prefab!) and you can see some of my Loft & Aria home furnishings in the background.

What is Judie wearing?
Outfit: MooH Bib overalls Ripped denim
           Mutresse Kafa espadrilles
           Buona Panda Tank
Hair: DeLa - Cherie

What is Bo wearing?
Outfit: Gizza skinny jeans in denim blue
            Moz "Nora" Grey knit Henley neck sweater
Hair: Magika - Bad Habit

Friday, April 28, 2017

Fridays GGC 28th April 2017

This week we chose the Yanette Lace Dress from .:Hottest Fashion:.(free to join)
Judie loves this and will be keeping it as it is slightly see through and suits her long legs. I strongly suggest a white thong to get more of a sexy and less slutty look and skin toned nipple covers to keep things decent. Judie had just bought a denim Jkt from MOZ and it looked so cute over the top. My one negative comment is that on movement the dress sometimes breaks a bit around the hips and because it is see through and tight fitting you can't click an alpha panel ( Judie wears the Maitreya body).
Judie is wearing
Dela 'Cheri'
Lazuri tres Chic collection in white
MOZ Rolled cuff Ranch Blue Denim jkt
Snowpaws Pigalle Shoes

Bo wore:- (Nothing. Never trust the quiet ones 😏). Actually i think someone needs an inventory tidy session as some one has lost their underwear.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

... in protest

This is an issue that bothers both Judie and I more than it should - the reason it bothers us SO MUCH is due to the fact that we are not the first who feel  we were stolen from, and likely not the last. My question is... do we have a "civic duty" to inform others that we have been stolen from? (not really a question, it is a point)

In the life, we will come across con artists. We are taught to spot a con and how to avoid con artists. We both felt we were a bit more wise to the world, also virtual world, than we were, apparently.

I prefer to let Karma and the Universe manage the consequences for the con artists.

That said, to the person who either willfully or due to willful neglect used faulty rental boxes/prim counters - then ejected us for being over prim when we both regularly (more than should be necessary - meaning several times per day) checked our boxes, and THEN had the nerve to keep my prepaid rent = 9 weeks @ L2250 AND adverts in a way to pretend to cover the almighty arse... well - woman - not cool. 

And writing pretend cover your rear sentences on your profile does not create a legitimate contract. Not that you need that to rent out "homes" in Second Life.

It really comes down to "buyer" or "renter" beware, and READ everything before prepaying months ahead like we did.

We protest, as within our rights to protest.  I say, be very, very DILIGENT before prepaying rents in a faux Irish sim.

And now, a bit of the southern charm comes shining through, so I say "bless your heart", and move on.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

(ba) Camden Cottage, new place!

I am super happy to have found this cottage to put up as my new Second Life Home. Just in starting phase for putting together the homestead... but this cottage speaks to me! The layout, size of rooms, windows, doors, as well as textures  are easy to work with! I am playing with tinting wall color (edit and select face) just to give a bit of contrast, as most of my furniture pieces are white.
This is a lovely cottage!  Found via Collabor88 where you find the prefab homes. Great home, terrific price! JOY!!
Happy Sunday!

Sunday Theme Challenge, Day at the Beach

"2, 3, 4 tell the people what she wore..."
What did Judie wear to the beach?
Hair: Magika - Written
Swimsuit - Zaara (mesh) Naisha Bikini Silver
Accessories:  Cae:: Toe ring

What did Bo wear to the beach?
Hair: Magika - Fool for Love
Swimsuit - H.F. Saralix Black Swimsuit
Accessories: no time to fuss, needed a day in the sun!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Sims for photography

I am always on the hunt for new sims to take pictures. Since so many now are mesh not prim, the detail is incredible and i can loose many hours setting up for a  shot and since my RL partner (who is also my SL partner) built a desk top for me after my lap top died, i have access to a good graphics card so i really enjoy this side of SL. He also takes the most amazing pictures and has been asked by a few sim owners to take pictures for them to use for their flicker and web sites etc.
I have entered a few competitions and not won anything until recently when i got the months prize for one of my favourite clothing shops and this month i got runner up for the same shop.
 So many of the pictures look real if you get the light right as the detail of the designers, landscapers and builders is amazing, and unlike RL photography you can step into the realms of fantasy and fairy tails.

Taken by Duplex99

Taken by Duplex99

Taken by Duplex99

Taken by Judie T Walpole (Me)

Fridays GGC April 21st 2017

This week we have chosen the Kamilla Dress which is a GG from  It's quite pretty on as you can see, and doesn't need much dressing up. Just pretty and plain for the beach if you dont like wearing swimming costumes or bikinis. I had a few jokes from friends about a 'victorian bathing suit', but i think Judies long slim legs pulled it off quite well.
Judie wore:-
AriasAria Gara63 My wish Stilettos
Earthstones family tree of life necklace
Hair DeLa 'Antje'
Yummy heart locket Bracelet

Bo wore:- Magika Bad Habit

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Quote for the day...

This is not typical for me to write quotes so early in the day, but found this one again and it reminds me of the life views of my father, a well as the beautiful Welsh soul of my mother...

"Man's mind is a watch that needs winding daily." -Welsh Proverb

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Changing "home"

I didn't just change house, but changed "home". It's not so easy to do, especially with time crunch in my real life.
I feel positive though. The change was not expected, but it turns out to actually work in my favor, sans the loss of prepaid rent from the owner of the last sim. My impression is that the last lady must indeed have a terrible problem with people taking advantage and/or ??? I don't know, as I stay out of problems. Real life offers enough on the table without having virtual self inflicted problems as well. So I mind my business. But I think I am certain her prim counters were not functioning properly.

Anyway, that is behind me, I must have dropped some lindens on the street and someone pocketed them.

Moving on... the new place has a better defined system, rules and regulations as well as updated technical aspects. I get more bang for my buck, so to speak.

As I have a lot happening in real life, it's good to have some fun building and creating time to look forward to as moments avail themselves in the virtual world.
It's a new chapter and fresh images to look forward to creating!
Have a nice Wednesday... especially saying hi to my daughter who I know checks in frequently. 👿

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Having heard the word Bento for a few months and ignored it as i had no clue what it was or what it would do , then slowly things started to come out on the market and a friend of mine paid a fortune for Bento head and hands but it was amazing but i still wasn't convinced about spending so much money. I had been one of the last to resort to Slink hands and feet and then fought the hype about mesh bodies for as long as i could but in the end relented as even i could see how much better they looked in my photos. I do get annoyed on landing at a sim and after a few minutes i'm told only my head and hands are visible , or landing naked. (As a friend says ."system underwear is your friend").
Anyway i digress. I got a tp from a friend to go demo a Bento horse. O M G. I have ridden in RL and this was so life like. Seriously well worth a visit.

Themed Outfit Challenge Sunday, Decorating

This is a short post today, as it is also Easter Sunday and reality off computer life calls.

Bo and Judie went immediately to their "go with the flow" spirit and together they instantly got the set going! Added Katy Perry's "Chained to the Rhythm" song, as it's a good, drooly in creative mode song. :) Happy Easter to everyone!

What is Judie wearing?
Mina Kaya (Monso)
My Overall Light Blue
Bueno Panda Tank
::ROC:: Martens (hud)
Yummy Heart locket bracelet
Earthstones Tree of Life necklace 7 stones

What is Bo wearing?
Outfit: RS Daisy Overalls (hud for overalls and tank each)
Shoes - Kokoia - Vernon
Hair - Magika, Bad Habit

Friday, April 14, 2017

Happy Easter

Fridays GGC April 14th 2017

Welcome to Fridays GGC
This week we chose the Snowpaws Bae dress which is a gift at the Snowpaws store for the Third Life Group.(Free to join)

Bo wore:
Monso Hair Ruda
Accessories: MG Necklace Pearls, Combo Short Mono Color (with color changing options)
Cae :: Flutter ring (hud)
Just BECAUSE Elegant Arm Cuff (hud)
Shoes: KC Suami Heels (hud)

Guess who just got Bento hands?

Judie Wore :
DeLa 'Cheri'
Lazuri Tres Chic Green Set
Snowpaws Pigalle Shoes in White (you can't see them).

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Themed Outfit Challenge Sunday, Rock Concert

The pictures from this Themed Challenge for Rock Concert show a bit more mischievousness compared to other challenges so far!  
Unfortunately the concert was canceled. Judie and Bo showed up early and waited, waited more as sometimes blondes do (because they didn't check for news) only to learn the band called in sick.  But the girls had a hilarious time anyway!

"Judie? What ya doing?"  hmmm... Bo obviously got her wheels turning inside that blond head.

Judie captured PRICELESS pictures this week! This is my personal favorite challenge so far, as it really shows our personalities. :)

What is Judie wearing?
Hair: Argrace HAKU
Shorts: Blueberry belted ripped denim shorts
Shoes: Maitreya Moccasin Boots in Camel
Jewelry: (PPD) I'm your biker chick, Black studded wrist bands and MG Necklace Captured love heart.
What is Bo wearing?
Hair: Magika, Bad Habit
Complete Outfit including Jewelry: Lost City of Gothica-Alchemist female in black (had to put on my traditional avatar body for this outfit and could not wear mesh hands and blend the wrists, so completely original body except feet)
Shoes: Kokoia - Claudia ankle boots in black (I used my Similar Multi-pose Feet from Similar Quality Italian Footwear, as the feet are well done and Slink compatible)

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Fast post about Second Life Pets

I adore, ADORE, ADORE, my little Second Life pets! Every time I log on, I see them and smile. These are both by Jian, Puppy Petunia was a gift from my friend Judie, and Kitty was from my friend Weeja.  I need to give a name to my virtual kitten! (update - I thinks she looks like a Puddin'!)

This last week I changed out cottages 3 times... but is another story for the future.

Judies Pets
We bought a Labrador dog from 'We love pets' about 4 years ago and though hes not so detailed i swear he's real. He always finds Judie and sits with her. Sometimes its spooky how real his reactions are. I spoke to the designer and she said many people have commented the same about their pets. 
You can get an update by simply taking your pet to the shop and sitting it on the updater wearing your group tag. He has many functions and is great to have to greet you when you log on. This was a random picture taken as Judie was sat on the sofa and the dog joined her. Pure fluke.

Have a wonderful weekend and remember that tomorrow is Rock Concert Theme!

N.B. Added 1st May 2017
I have added this as another example of how these virtual pets seem to interact with their surroundings , even though they are not programmed to do so. I came home last night to find Aero taking great interest with one of the rabbits. Both are programmed to 'roam' but both were sat together and seemed to be interacting. 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

GGC Friday April 7th 2017

This weeks GGC was a lovely blue flower Segalle Halter Dress made by Carrie Snowpaw for the Fab Free GG and some Zen Avater dangerous Heels which was a GG from (10L to join).
I have always been a fan of Snowpaws since i was a noob, and Carries selection of free cloths for new residents is good and well made. She also has an amazing Lucky letter board that i have woe so much from ,and weekly bargains , sale items and 6 Midnight Mania boards and 8 mini mania boards which do change regularly and have prizes for classic and mesh. She also does a 1000L voucher draw which i have been fortunate to win twice , much to my surprise. She is constantly updating and keeping up with mesh. Her outfits are more classic and less tarty and for those of us who choose to dress well on SL her dresses are so feminine and sexy. There is a good choice of shoes and some jewellery and other items including outfits for petite avatars.
Well worth a look.
Copy paste the link below to visit Snowpaws. ( I'm still learning how to do a SLURL. Bare with me)

N.B. I have recently discovered it costs 250L to join the Snowpaws group (it was free when i joined 5 years ago) which is a lot for new residents but she does a big wall of freebies for noobs and you win so many things that with the first win you have got your joining fee back so i think well worth it and it also helps stop scammers.

Bo wears: Magika Bad Habit Hair

Judie wears : Tableau Vivant \\ Starry night \ombre (gatcha)
Yummy heart locket bracelet
Earthstones Tree of Life necklace.

 Sunday, 09 April 2017 Themed Outfit Challenge will be... Rock Concert
  Friday, 14th April 2017 Group Gift Challenge:  Thirdlife GG (at Snowpaws) Bae dress in teal


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Bo's blunder

Bo is the queen of bargains, and any group gift that can be utilised, taken apart or textured is a treasure.
"Judie" she said "there is a great group gift at Shabby" she said. I started looking for a landmark and Bo is so organised that she had one in my IM box before i could blink.
Without a second thought i TP'd over to get the treasure.
I think Bo needs to update her LM folder!!!
Looks shabby, but sure ain't chic

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Themed Outfit Challenge Sunday, Gardening

This week our Sunday Themed Challenge is "Gardening".

We didn't discuss what the girls should wear and arrived completely unaware of where the Garden Theme would take us. The girls were dressed to dig in!

Once again, putting together the scene was a lot of fun! This week was also much easier to create a backdrop in a different platform location, thus avoiding the public sandbox. Having interruptions of curious onlookers or trolls participating on the set can be entertaining and rather hilarious... sometimes. But most of the time we don't feel like stopping continuously to mute and derender.

We worked well as a team! We dragged out and edited the objects, counted prims available and stuck to groovin' on this new creation. Even if I tend to be rather orderly and keenly aware of symmetry at all times, Judie kept the air light so it was easy to go with the flow. (She promised not to point out the extreme perfectly lined placement of the plants in the garden in order to not have sighs from our dear Sun!) (giggles)
Judie didn't mind muddy hands and the occasional worm - as she dug out the strawberries and Bo prepared the soil for another row for summer seedlings.

Where's the sweet tea?! The girls took a much needed break when the work was finished!

What is Bo wearing?
Hair: Elua, Mao Blonde hair
Shirt: MI87094 Ladies Polo Shirt
Pants: Creative Studio BF Jeans
Shoes: Kokoia, Vernon shoes

What is Judie wearing?
Hair: Mina hair Yuliya
Shirt: Bueno crema tank (maitreya)
Pants: MOZ 'Geri' pink floral shorts (maitreya)
Shoes: Petit Mort olive welly boot

Saturday, April 1, 2017

April Fools'... happy weekend

Have a wonderful weekend to all of our friends!
Stay tuned for the Themed Challenge - Gardening! Create your own space and make it uniquely YOU!
Bo & Judie