Friday, July 7, 2017

Welcome to the 16th GGC Alien Gizmo

I have noticed this store ,Alien Gizmo, giving out  250L vouchers regularly since Christmas.
I'm not sure how he is making money , but crowds seem to show up to get the vouchers. So if at least half go back and use the voucher and buy one item i guess he is doing well.

It's a big, well laid out store with a lovely entrance and split into a MENS and WOMENS sections,  5 lucky chairs , Midnight mania and Midnight madness boards for both men and women.

Some of my friends have the male mesh body ADAM, so i always look out for that logo on items, and i found some here, and a pair of boots for ADAM on the GG board. (One of my friends left me an IM saying " ME ? wearing boots with chains?! NO).

The lotus dress has good detail but is only good for static poses not much movement. I found with Judies A.O. that her legs broke through the dress. This happens a lot on these long mesh dresses.

When you land in the main courtyard entrance there is a small building behind you specifically for Group members only and by wearing your group tag you get these items at a reduced price. (MOZ have a VIP room too ).

Bo is wearing
 Aliens Annika Corset,
 Larry jeans in black
Accessories: Moondance Boutique Nancy earrings,
 Nova Ladies Bracelets
 Shoes: KC Brazilia  sandels
Hair: elikatira : Libby (Gift from SL 13th birthday celebrations)

Judie is wearing
Bens Boutique Serra Skirt and belt (Hud)
(I went through all Judies skirts and shorts and this was the only one that fitted under the corset. And believe me, Judie has hundreds of skirts and shorts).
*PetroFF* MK Female watch (Hud)
Essenze Gambia (Cognac) For Maitreya

Judie is wearing
The Lotus dress (GG)
Essenze Gambia (Cognac) For Maitreya
Truth Hair : Cheri

Typical Judie, had to get all the gifts to try.
This one is the Geri Dress
Judie is wearing
CHAIN Lacey Choker
KC Excite  Shoes (Hud)
Truth Hair Cheri

This week we are joined by our friend CallaAi who has chosen the Geri dress

Callaai is wearing
Truth Hair: Kare
eBREATH Zarina Heels

Gempabumi has also chosen the Geri dress.
( I just thought i would point out that Gem obviously spends her spare time hanging out on street corners !!!)

Gem is wearing
The Geri dress GG
Shoes by KC Sylvia
Hair by Damselfly Jaycee

Deirdre chose the Lotus dress GG
( I must find out where you took these pictures Deedee)
Dee is wearing
The Lotus Dress GG
Cross Strappy pointed toe Heels ( Gift from Judie Walpole)
Bracelet; Fidais Triple Moon Armband;  Celtic Myst
Earrings' Mad about Pearl Drop earrings
Lazuri Perline Necklace 
Hair; Elika tira - Libby
Belly piercing; Gothic Rose _ Celtic Myst

Your taxi to Alien Gizmo

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