Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday Theme Challenge, "Dog Walking"

Here you see Bo and Judie walking the dogs. There is no need for a leash in the virtual world. I think my daughter will get a kick out of seeing the number of weenie dogs Judie has here! 😀
There is also no need for virtual potty bags.
Or is there?!
What is Judie wearing?
Outfit: Petit Mort Grunge Sweater in cream
Blueberry Babe Shorts
Shoes: Petit Mort Olive Welly Boots
Hair: Argrace Flat Cap MIO (M)
Judie's dogs: .tsg. Yorkie haribow caramel (Gatcha)
Basset hound sitting 2
JIAN wonky weenies Hot dog companion
puppy pooh belonged to Judie errrr... one of her dogs. LOL

What is Bo wearing?
Petite Mort - Claira peach slip dress
Accessories: L&B (C) (W) "Celtic Promise" Necklace - Silver
(Mistwood) Stone of Jordan - Bracelet (color changeable stone)
Shoes: Petite Mort - Navajo flipflops
Hair: (e) Lena
Bo's dogs: JIAN Countryside Collies :: Wanderer Pup Bi & Tri

Location: Bo's home (not in Malibu)
Trees and path:  TMG THE SECRET WOOD*
Additional Flowers: T-Spot Design meadow flowers in blue, pink, yellow/orange patches

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