Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sunday Theme Challenge, "Picnic"

This week the girls had a summer picnic! It was perfect for the 4th of July Holiday week!
Bo and Judie had so much fun with the picnic and the 4th of July celebration, they decided to set up stage, and put on their native flags and have a dance party in honor of both countries, USA and England!
😊 This was a great time! 😊


  1. It's a shame that people cant hear the comments and laughter whilst we are doing this. They would see the pictures in a very different way for sure. :)

  2. This inspired the video I created for the poses, but was looking also to see how on earth to record the movements. Even so, if someone could only hear what goofs we are in the process because it's HILARIOUS!! And I always look forward to working with you! :) YAY!!