Thursday, August 3, 2017

Personalising a new Secondlife Avatar (Part 2,Male)

After having examples of female avatars, we thought we would do a male one for you guys out there.
We started with the basic MARCUS avatar from the new mesh av's .
We went to Curves, Shapes and Skins and found a free group join and 2 male and 2 female mesh heads that included Slink appliers for hands and feet and a skin. We preferred the SAM shape and skin. The head gifts on the left where a gift  from the free to join group SL Free@O.

After we went to Fabia and there where a selection of gifts on a table and a free to join group.

We also found a good hair at Emotions in the gift department called AIDAN. Then we went to GIZZA and got the February 2017 gift and the May gift for men. 
The earring came from No.Match and is called No,Salvation which we got by subscribing to L'Homme magazine. The gift has since changed.

If you want to get a profile picture on your profile you need 10L and that can be achieved by playing Linan Realms  at the Portal Park.
Not a bad result for FREE.

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