Sunday, August 13, 2017

Venezia - Prada Sim

Last week I visited the magnificent sim for Venezia. It's very well done and a lovely place for taking pictures like a tourist! (HA! I giggle about the idea of touring Venice, Italy and kind of like that! It may mean giving fresh perspective to a city I know quite well!)

Over time I will do a some snaps at various locations on the sim. Sure will improve on the snaps from last week. I noted details AFTER I saved the pics. My graphics card is not the best, so I like to use Gimp to touch up as necessary.  The perspective on the below image is fine, but does no justice to what you see when landing on the sim! Also... there are no floating buildings - that was just me not observing that for the photo shoot! :) 
More to come for Venezia in the future. There are shops, and lots of little nooks and crannies to visit with friends or your love to see as well! Check it out!

Your Taxi to Venezia in Second Life

What is Bo wearing?
*COCO* Gift HalterGown Black
Moondance Boutique Nancy Earrings
Lazuri Tres Chic Bracelet and Ring
Magika - Out of Breath Hair

KC - Brazilia Shoes with hud


  1. I went to have a look after you told me about it. It really is a lovely, well done sim and really has the feel of the actual place. When I visited there actally where a couple site seeing with rucksacks and kids in strollers and cameras. Wasn't as busy as in rl but great for pictures.

    1. Yes, visually stunning! I think color would be appropriate for photos there also so itching to explore bit by bit. Yes, the real Venice is a place to explore of some days and not easy with luggage and children in tow. The water in the sim is very nice too, so I think you can probably get some incredible shots with Judie. Try to find San Marco!