Friday, August 11, 2017


I found this shop whilst looking through my group notices. It's quite a big shop with
cutsie/sexy looking outfits. They have a huge selection. There are two GG boards. One is 100L join fee and the one next to it is a free to join group with a selection of about 12 items.
I took them all and chose the ones i liked and asked the girls to go and choose what they liked. I have been back 2 times and as yet i haven't seen a change in gift choices. but maybe its done monthly.
I had a brief IM with the shop owner after i informed her we where doing a piece on her store and she seemed  nice and friendly, so i hope if you ever had any issues she would be obliging and helpful.

Gempabumi is wearing
Cremosas Dress #124
KC Caty Wedges
Damselfly Willow

Gempabumi is wearing
Diva Kelly Garnet
CK USA Superstar sneakers
Cremosas Dress Chay with belt
Dress #45 (Fitmesh and popular mesh bodies)
JD Lacey Black (maitreya)
MG Lovecatcher Heart Earrings and necklace (hud)
Catwa Lama Summer blonde

Chey Dress (hud)(Fitmesh and popular mesh)
Truth Cheri
Alaskametro<3 Brilla
Chain Lacey Choker

CREMOSAS Skirt# 89 (hud) (Fitmesh and popular mesh)
Buona crema tank Maitreya(Judies own)
CREMOSAS SneakersV1 (hud)
MG Lovecatcher Heart Earrings and necklace (hud)
Magika -Plenty

Bo is wearing
1. Dress Chay (12 colors),
Accessories: !Rebel Hope - Island Girl Green Earrings, ::Modish - Nadine Gem Bracelet Gold (Emerald),
Shoes: kokoia, Mikonos in white,
Hair: (e) Libby
2. Dress Chay with Belt
Accessories: (Mistwood) Stone of Jordan Bracelet (stone color changer)
Shoes: fir. - Polly Sandals (Wheat) (gift)
Hair: (e) Libby

Deirdre is wearing
 Cremosas Store - Mini dress Maitreya
     Wicked Tattoos; Stardom Jeans
     Zenith Belt necklace
     L. Warwick Miranda High Plantform Wedge Coppertop
     Earthstones Callie Bangle
     Earthstones Falling leaves earring
     Hair; Pr!tty Hippie with windblow bang

Deirdre is wearing
Cremosas Store Top Mesh light blue
     Cremosas Store Skirt #89 with Hud 15
     DD Isn't it Romantic Bra
     Pure Poison - Kyrah Sandals Green
     Dela Mesh hair - Rowen
     Earthstones - callie Bangle
     Earthstones twisted hoop rings
     Cross Charm necklace - Gild

Victoria is wearing
(I had to add Victorias own description as it would be such a waste not to share this)

"On my head, my omnipresent Baby Onyx hair by Analog Dog (come on, I bet you was missing it...)
A little bit lower (I feel naked without it) my "Love My Cat" necklace from Lapointe & BastChild Designs
Covering my chubby but yet attractive body, Ana Markova's comfortable Nikki Jumpsuit
On my feet, marking my steps, lovely High Heels Sneakers from Cremosa Store, lovely groupgift with 36 textures available!
Call the number in your TV and order this great product now!! If you call in the next 10 minutes, you get the texture HUD for FREE !!
Call now, our operators are waiting!!"

😊 😛 😊

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  1. The comments by Victoria really make me smile! :) I liked the two dresses Bo has on and the fact that there are various color options for both. Really cute casual summer wear!