Sunday, August 6, 2017

(TC) Themed Challenge "Pajama Party"

To start... creating this post I experienced another one for the book, "You Know You've Been away from home too long when...".  I could not for the life of me remember how to spell Pajama!! SAD! Oy! Reboot to English language starting immediately.

This morning we present our Sunday Theme Challenge "Pajama Party". We have a Bo and Judie room created just for our pillow fights, makeup parties, long talks, and temporarily returning to our teen years to talk about boys.
What is Bo wearing?
Sweet E's Kitty Pajamas with Ears, (e) Lena Hair (hud)

What is Judie wearing?
Argrace Riley
[PPD]KittyKat Pajama set in Black (pink also available)
Ears where a freebie bento gift .

Items on the set:
Bo's home, Monhegan TinyHouse by Barnesworth Anubis
I created the images with the girls names and uploaded, created prims in white for frames.
What Next Amelie Large Chest of Drawers,
What Next eucalyptus (stand) and rubber tree (stand)
What Next Costmetics
Soy Bed metal Platform Bed,
Soy Vintage Metal Headboard Type B
Soy Vintage Lace Curtain
Cathaus Snow Rug
Zen Creations Puppy Power Pillows and Puppy,
Jian Vellum Candles (single - color options)
Bazar Paris books and Paris flowers
Bazar Memories Bedroom mirror
Bazar Floria Kitchen Chandelier
(Aura's) Patisserie Chic - (Mini Balloon Pink) (gift from Judie)
(YD) Teddy Bear, - Tres Chic Anniversary Gift
!gO! Bubu Elf (this was a gacha item from the main store and a little retail therapy for me) 😊

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