Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Personalizing a new Second Life Avatar

This is my version of personalizing a new Second Life Avatar in the most simple manner. There are a lot of ways to develop and change your avatar appearance. Judie and I both recommend checking out StrawberrySingh blog and on YouTube for some excellent tutorials!

For this post, I changed my avatar to "Kimberly". She is beautifully done in her own right and doesn't NEED changing, in my opinion. However, it's great to do so unless you want to run in to a lot of look-alikes if you socialize on Second Life. I thought it might be interesting to imagine first joining Second Life, exploring, and maybe wanting to see what dancing is like at some place like The Titanic, or Bogarts Jazz Club... there are a lot of options that sure I don't even know about.
A Bo personalized new creation
Per Judie's suggestion, I checked out FREE DOVE and was able to find some beautiful items for free! There is a donation box as well, IF someone can afford to donate.

I picked out the following items:
- Shapes by Mim - Angela Shape
- (You can see in the pictures that also I tried the Style by Kira - Elena Skin 01L
opt. 2)
- *Lurve* Rose of My Heart Formal gown.
- Celtic Gold Pearl Earrings and Pendant
- (I tried the Sentinus-Aysel Fitted Mesh Hair Allcolors by Sentinus Design, but it didn't really work for this project)

Then to personalize even more and give a bit of a luscious look, I used my LAQ Camille Essential Skin - Tone 1.5 (this was an LAQ Group Gift), and I have the *ARGRACE* SAKURA in Ash Brown Hair (this was an ARGRACE Group Gift).

In my opinion this is an avatar started as a very pretty girl next door, and I personalized her to look like ... this! She is very different to Bo and doesn't resemble me in the least. Pretty neat though, eh?! And all for FREE!

And now hear from Judie, the fashion expert of our Team...

I started with the basic Anna avatar, then went to Free Dove and got the SL F&O Gift Shape girl from Curves Shapes and Skins and a static mesh head.
A Judie personalized new creation
The first hair was from EMOtions (JONA). Then added my own shape to make her taller.  I had a free AO called Chica Mala that a friend gave me.
After that I tried a blonde hair from REZOLOGY called Save the Queen, but the hair and skin didn't match up well for the look I was trying to achieve for this post, so I looked back at the basic avatars and got the skin from KARA.
At this point I tried another hair from Free Dove called JUDD by Exile and added the jewellery from Free Dove, Lazuri Ophira.

I then went to Maitreya to join the free group and got the mesh lashed and fitted them. Not an easy job even when you have mastered editing. And then went to LAQ and got the free GG Camilla skin. After a bit of staring at this new avatar look, I played around a bit more with the hair and last decided to add the hair that I was lucky to get at the HAIR FAIR from EXILE called Judd and Evie (fat pack).

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