Thursday, June 29, 2017

A great find that came from an emergency situation

A few months ago i was new to a mesh body and even though now i find it easy, at the time i hadn't thought about underwear as i had never needed any before. (That sounds wrong doesn't it). Moving swiftly on. I needed a set FAST as i was doing  a photo shoot and bits where showing that i didnt want showing and at that moment i got a group notice advertising this MMC fatpack for 99L. It saved searching through MP( Market Place). The shop had a gift board and was free to join the group. I have not needed to buy any more sets since i found this one. It has 10 colours and looks so pretty and with the white lace edging it looks pretty if it does peep over jean waist bands or t shirts and blouses.
I have taken all my mesh body friends to get this set as it is such a bargain, and of course once you have found a good shop, you keep going back.

I went for a quick look this afternoon as they have recently moved to another LM and sadly this particular set is no longer on offer, but there is so much more to choose from and another 4 'Limited Offers' on the board.

 I recently saw another group notice for a  fatpack of bento rigged gloves from this same store and they really are made very well and an amazing colour choice in the hud.

 Go and see for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

                                                               Here is your taxi to MMC

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