Friday, June 9, 2017

Quick note from Bo regarding Sunday Theme Challenge etc


Unfortunately I have a lot on my plate in real life at the moment and we need to postpone our Sunday Theme Challenge. But we WILL be on schedule and in good form in the days ahead!

Also, because Judie and I were comparing some of our LUXE Paris outfits and how we have our individual styles and way of putting things together, I wanted to share one of my own personal favorites here. 

This is Bo is beach mode before stripping down to swimsuit and jumping in the water! This outfit is so much my style, so it was fun to dress up my avatar!  It just so happened also, that only recently when finally opening my "to open" files from inventory, I discovered - by happy accident - the LUXE gift from the 13th Birthday celebrating Second life from last year!   The necklace comes in silver, gold, black. It's simple and goes with so many different outfits! So it was a keeper for me!
I will update asap with "what is Bo wearing" and give better details asap. 

Have a Loverly Day Tutti and I look forward to Judie's GGC post!


  1. I just love that on Bo. She looks so cute. Wearing a smile sure makes a difference dosn't it.

  2. yes, thanks Meat (if I remember who gave it to me correctly, could have been you, Judie, errr maybe one of girls. My mind is obviously all over the place LOL). :)