Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunday Theme Challenge, "Easter"

Presenting our Easter Theme Challenge.  Blonde moments in abundance...
What are the girls wearing?
Dresses: JIM:: Bo-Peep Dresses - Pink & Blue
Accessories: J&W Jewelers Helena Collection, Bo - Roses and Pearls Pink
(will add Judie's info when she finally shows life (8:30am) on this chipper Sunday morning!)
(( I was up at 8am i'll have you know but RL made me work so i couldn't get to computer until now. 1000 apologies))
Bo, KC Adore Sandals (Hud)
Bo is smoking a wafty carrot!
Judie is wearing
 Tutys lace bunny ears.
*It's Gau* Bunny heels for Slink
Earthstones Easter Egg Necklace
SOUL Hair Ammolite

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