Monday, June 19, 2017

At last. A Great shop for men's clothes

My friend finally decided to get a mesh body a few months ago after me going on and on and on about how much better he would look in the great photographs he takes and  (after doing some research) he bought the ADAM body which seemed to be one of the most popular ones and came with hands and feet, unlike another he tried where feet and hands had to be bought as an extra. So the price became better as less to buy, but, we have found it so hard to find decent well made cloths that fitted . So few shops do cloths that fit Male mesh bodies and the price is so high against the girls cloths.
             If you know different and have found other good shops PLEASE let me know.  

The biggest issue is layering. If he wears jeans they show through the tops he has , or boots poke through jean cuffs. 
After much hunting he saw another guy wearing a nice suit , so he did a bit of research and came across a small shed on a sim which held a treasure trove of really well made , lovely looking clothing for men.
A shop called [ DEADWOOL ]
The textures are amazing and it's so realistic looking. The items are mesh and not made specifically  for mesh bodies , but we found they fitted his ADAM very well.
 Plenty of demos to try.
 Good colour choice.
 Individual colours or fat packs.
 The Suit jacket came with a shirt and tie, and you can take the jacket off and have a nice shirt underneath and also take the tie off. Also good choice of boots and shoes, jeans with or without belt, gloves, a lovely watch, even a pair of jeans with braces(suspenders to you mericans).
He has stated on his posters which jeans the tops go with so that you dont have the problem of bits poking through and it all just looks so real.
As you can see from the pictures it looks so nice.
A visit to the store is a must for all you guys who like a nice dressed, realistic avatar. Or for all you girls who like your man to look decent.
ALWAYS try demos as you are not all the same size , but i think most of you will be very impressed with this small but detailed and well laid out store.
Here are just a few examples of what we found;

Jeans and shoes are models own
[DEADWOOL] Dandy Shoes.
[DEADWOOL] Dandy Formal Jacket which comes with shirt and tie(tie has a hud to change colour)
Hair is from No.Match: No.Rest
Shoes: Models own LRD Leather short sneakers

[DEADWOOL] The Dandy suit Jacket, shirt and tie.
[DEADWOOL] Formal trousers (which go with suit but are sold separately)
[DEADWOOL] The Dandy Formal trousers (Black)
[DEADWOOL] Dandy shoes
Glasses models own : Oddity ; Topgun Retro

[DEADWOOL] Hugo shirt ( sold in separate colours)
[DEADWOOL] Worn out jeans and belt(can be worn With or without)(M)Tumblewash
[DEADWOOL] Ulrich boots( sold in separate colours.
[DEADWOOL] Nuvolari chronograph black dial watch

Glasses and hair as above.


Another friend of ours has been shopping at [DEADWOOL]

* * *
Well worth a visit.

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