Friday, June 30, 2017

Welcome to our 15th GGC Gizza

This week Bo suggested GIZZA as our shop of choice.
Ever since I joined SL I have been going to GIZZA and she always has a new GG's and a lot of the old favourites still available too.
Just to experiment , I asked the girls to go and chose their own outfit /outfits, to see which they liked and thought most suited them.

Deirdre is wearing
Gizza March Group Gift Lulu Sweater with shirt
Gizza leather leggings
Analog Dog Hair - Harmony light browns
Earrings Minimal; Shiny Shabby Gift
NYU Laced Top Leather Boots, Nude

Judie is wearing
Gizza October gift Molly Blazer
with pearl necklace included.
Truth Hair : Cheri
(This is mesh but not made specifically for Maitreya, though as usual the M fits Jude well)

Judies second choice 
I chose this as it is something Judie would not wear normally as it is so short, but i loved the texture so thought i'd give it a go.
This is a mesh dress and the M fitted Judies Maitreya body.
After much comment(abuse) it was decided that bending over was not a good position for this dress. And " why the hell are you wearing something so short , get some underwear on woman " made me realise it isn't Judes style,

Judie is wearing
Gizza May gift Dress
BigBeaufifulDoll Sheer Nylon Applier for Maitreya
Giovanna [Modern Couture] Royal Blue set
Hair .::Crown::. Vicky

Gempabumi chose the Molly Blazer too
Gem is wearing
Gempa is wearing Gizza's Molly Blazer Dress,
 JP Pearl Bracelet, 
KC Caty Wedges,
 Diva hair /or Rezzology Cuddles hair


This next out fit has obviously been chosen with much thought . I have added the reasons below in Victorias own words. Victoria has always been a bit different and special.

"We can appreciate the natural environment conforming the appropriate frame for a daring and adventurous outfit, something that every woman of action should wear!.
The "camouflage" print blends in the surroundings but the class and distinction glows, helped by the amazing figure and charm of our model."
Victoria is wearing
Gizza Hunter Outfit
Orbit Bracelets by RealEvil Industries,
 Martens boots by ROC
 Kendall necklace by Brii
 Rowen hair by DeLa

Bo is wearing
Gizza May Group Gift - trousers and tank blouse
Accessories: Ec.cloth Infinity Ring (Maitreya Bento), My Hearts Platinum Earrings and Necklace, (7891.) Mining Bangles
Shoes: KC Suami Heels
Hair: Magika, Bad Habit

Bo is wearing
Gizza December Group Gift, jacket/dress
Accessories: Pearl Necklaces - combo short, (hh) Mothers Day Earrings, (HJ) Nova Ladies Watch
Shoes: (Kokoia) Claudia Ankle boots (Hud)
Hair: Nadia

This is one of Bo's all time favorite GGC outfits, and after exploring the store she found that her choice of GG had more  options in store at the normal price, so i went exploring and found this was the case with a few of the GG's.
Worth a look around if you have time.

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