Sunday, June 25, 2017

Friends over time zones.

A friend made a comment today that really made me think.
We all met each other through this computer screen and have known each other quite a few years now. Lots has happened to us all as individuals over the years . Moving countries to be with the men in our lives. Loosing family and friends to illness. Being ill ourselves. And all the other day to day things that we all have to cope with as human beings .When you realise you can change a friends rough start to a difficult day just by spending some  time chatting and just sharing that time and closing the miles between you . 
Pretty "ASSOME"


  1. A big hug! You are a wonderful and supportive friend and I am so glad that Mc, I called him "dottore" introduced us! :)

  2. I believe that friends meet for 'A REASON ,A SEASON OR FOREVER'. I think all these ones are going to be FOREVER FRIENDS.