Friday, March 17, 2017

Being kind without knowing...

Today is a so/so day for me in rl, a muddle through the day kind of day. And when I logged on to Second Life this afternoon I had a nice message from Amanda Dench from Dench Designs, answering a question I had when visiting her store (which by the way I am a fan of, thanks to Judie). And Amanda was able to tweak placement for something and she sent me the sweetest little Thank You gift! Well, Amanda, thank you because this really makes me smile! It's lovely and perfect for my cottage!!
Lovely stool and floral tin with impatiens by Amanda Dench

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  1. We have a few designers that go beyond being helpful and those little extra touches mean so much. I have to admit i still can't get over her detail and price. Some really good designers don't always charge the earth for their products. They enjoy what they do and share their talent for those of us who don't have endless Lindens to spend but still like to decorate/build etc. Dench Designs is one of the GOOD Group Gift Places and doesn't put you off with some badly made rubbish.