Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Blonde Building

All i wanted to do was rez a new house in my new skybox, and add a room and a roof. Sounds so simple dosen't it.
Time had come to change homes. Something fresh and new but not so big so i could have more of a garden this time. I have 400 prims to play with so i wanted a house to be under 100 if possible.
I rezzed the house in a sand box to start  playing with un linking and get a feel of what i was dealing with. I have watched Bo in awe many times as she turns a small cottage into a luxurious bungalow and un links and links to lessen prim usage. It looks so easy. Sigh.
Having easily managed to copy two walls and rotate into position and  make a new prim floor which would need texturing later, then re link ( i thought). I re named my new build so i would be able to find it it in my inventory and took it to my new skybox only to find i had left a floor and lights and door frames behind.
 I thought it easier to start again , and managed this with ease this time and linked all the missing bits. Returned home. re situated my new home to find i couldn't walk up the stairs as the lights where in the wrong place and it blocked my entrance(Bollocks).
Third attempt at un linking ( on site this time) and then having got it all un linked i risked copying a floor and re sizing to match all the others which was a great success and i was really pleased with myself as i even removed the fire to leave me space and prims to add a better one  in the future.
Judie stood back to admire her work, walked up her stairs only to find the whole thing was phantom WTF!!!. It said something about being over 32 pieces. Well i don't have a clue. I deleted and re rezzed and miracle of miracles it worked. So fingers crossed Judie seems to have conquered all the issues to date. BLONDES RULE!!!!

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  1. Do you know how thrilled I am to see that? It's turning out great and maybe it's because I know you, but I can totally see you are creating your vision here and sooooooo PRETTY! Exciting to see it come together! BTW, Blonde Bloggers aka Blonde Builders! :) Bravaaaaaaaaaaaa