Thursday, March 9, 2017

Judies 'Second Life' (SL) has changed a bit recently due to friends lives changing in the 'Real Life'(RL).
We have a group of friends of similar age . Lots in common and we used to meet up daily in Judies evening time zone. One of our friends is now working longer hours, another has taken a break from SL, one is on an American time zone and is struggling after being mugged and shot in RL and another moved abroad a year ago to live with and set up home with her SL partner. This is one thing we all have in common. The move to a different country, a new language and a new culture has bought us even closer together and the insanity and friendly banter and support we share on SL has kept us all going and kept us all sane.
SL gives us the ability to be who we want and do what we want and forget the daily pressures that RL brings.

The problems she has faced this week are malfunctioning feet that had to be redelivered and then re fitted to each saved outfit. Any normal person would have used the link system, but Judie being blonde decided to delete the old feet and then realised it left her footless and then had to manually add each time she changed. "Not a huge job" i hear you say , but Judie has over 800 outfits saved so it will be an ongoing issue for a while i imagine. AND attempted to edit her eyelashes ( a job that's long been needing doing) and went on too loose one in her head. Once retrieved she has done the best she could and finally decided "Fu** it, that will do"
 She also had issues of a malfunction of the ' recents ' part of her inventory and after a cry of help to Firestorm Support it was fixed in a moment.
Judie is an amazing model and has recently won a monthly competition for a great store she has just discovered. A picture was required wearing the cloths from the store and a style card added, then entering onto the stores Flicker page. It makes photo taking more fun when there is a reason for it.
It was the first time the competition has been held so i am delighted the picture won. It is drawn monthly so a job each week is to do a few shots hoping to be lucky again.


  1. Beautiful!! And yes, it's such a nice way to keep up with friends even with all the continuing life changes. :)