Saturday, March 11, 2017

I have a strong opinion about group gifts. I feel that they should advertise the shop and the quality of the products they have to offer and not (as so many stores do) give a gift that looks so bad you just delete it straight away and never return to that store.
A good group gift gets noticed and people ask where  you  got it from and that will then get so many more customers at the store. Makes sense doesn't it!?
As i get better at finding and editing these random choices i will do more group gift reviews in the future with landmarks when i find out how to do them.
I just have these two to start with , and as i said they are entirely random.

1. AlmaMiranda . March Gift  Mermaid Top and Denim Shorts
You get a group join (free) invite on landing which is good and the landing point was right by the gift.
You had to pay 1L but you got that straight back.
It included all the popular appliers and classic as well.
It looked really pretty in the picture , that is why i chose this one.
I was disappointed at the flatness of the top as in the picture it didn't look like a tattoo layer but its pretty.

2. Hottest Fashion Store Group Gift Monica Mini Dress.
You get a group join (free) invite on landing.
The dress came with Omega, Maitreya TMP appliers and classic.
Plain but pretty. I use Maitreya and it fitted well.

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  1. The outfits look great! Am just about to log in finally and want to check everything out. It is right that the group gifts and 50Linden Friday products should bring customers coming back for more. Yay! And the hair on Judie is so cute!