Monday, March 27, 2017

I feel so... exposed

Bo is just going to have to camp in the great outdoors tonight. I accidentally delete my cottage. AGAIN!! It wasn't locked this time because of the last time I accidentally deleted it and wasn't finished making some changes to textures.
just damn
Can you sing along with me? Jim Reeves, Four Walls. errr.... lack thereof.


  1. The words "bummer" and "ooops" came to mind last night when you told me, and normally i would have laughed, but since a few 'F***k up's myself recently i did feel empathy for you. Just for a few seconds, then i laughed. "Bite me karma"

  2. oooh hohoooooooooooooo thank you? lol

  3. Happens to me ALL the time. Once i deleted almost all on our island. Now everything is always locked.