Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday Group Gift Challenge (2)

This weeks challenge lived up to the name 'Challenge'.
I found these two gifts at LRD, which is one of my favourite stores as her choice of unique style and amazing huds are so well made. (NB It now costs 50L to join the LRD group )
The Green 'Retro Dress' and the white 'Gala Gown' (both mesh) were just for the classic avs , but i find normally a medium size normally fits Judie in most classic outfits unless it is an unusual shape.
It isn't what us girls would normally wear and we are defiantly not retro but we did my best with what we had. 
LRD Retro Dress
I will leave you to decide what you think , but i feel this is one of those gifts that does NOT represent the usual style and quality of the store.

Retro Dress
Judie is wearing Mina Hair Zahra
[hh]Carmela suade heels with hud.

Bo is wearingHair: Magika, Almonds
Jewelry:  none, 
Purse:  BM Molly bag, vintage print

Gala Gown
Judie is wearing No.Match Hair No.Whisper
Tiara by SIZUKA
Pearl set By Alienbear designs 2009AG Pearl Double.

Bo is wearing Hair: Exhile, Walking on Sunshine blonde
Jewelry:  Hudson’s My Heart Platinum

LRD Gala Gown

1 comment:

  1. Of the two dresses, I would prefer the Gala Gown as it gives the impression of wearing something very soft and flowing. The texture on both dresses are nice, just not my style. Judie is able to pull of the retro dress a bit better than Bo. Bo looks stiff and uncomfortable.

    Today is 50L Friday! Pouring a cup of coffee and checking the list. :)