Monday, March 13, 2017

Coffee time with Sun

This morning I had the occasion with chat with my friend Sun as he is creating a small "living" space on Second Life. He is a creative inspiration for me and has made great efforts to show me how to make a backdrop look less contrived (as I am sometimes a bit tooooo orderly and groove on symmetry).
Our friend Sun :)

"Don't touch that, Bo!"


  1. I bet you change it all back after he goes home!!

  2. LLOLLLLL seriously you are such a tattletale! No, well... I try to erase and start over using the concept until I get it! PS you find Bo in PJ's less often throughout the day, thank you very much!! Now I just forget to change her clothes from the day before! HA!

    1. That's because Auntie Judie has dragged you cloths shopping and you have the start of a very sweet wardrobe now. ;)