Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Introductory Post

Once upon a time, in lands far, far away, lived two little Blonde girls who grew up in very different places.

Judie was an unusually tall and  plain looking girl lacking in fashion sense. This made her feel like an outsider and she grew up a bit of an loner but that was to change in later life.
Her looks hid a brutally honest tongue . So if you didn’t want the truth , it was better not to ask. And sarcasm became her second language, but if you needed someone to confide in she was definitely your girl.

Bo, on the other hand, was a shy, not so graceful girl. She always had her nose in history books and fairy tales. Bo’s mind was usually several steps ahead of her mouth. Hence the reason she was most fluent in the language few people are aware exists, called… Puzzle.

When they grew up, they each found themselves marrying foreign princes and moving to nearby cottages in the lovely countryside in a land far, far away..
And so begins our story of… “Watch this Virtual Space”.

(CUT the music! This is not REALLY a fairy tale. This is really our virtual lives which are everything we imagine and then some. Our blog covers Second Life fashion, decorating, photography, and may even have a column in the future that will be something like… “Just ask Judie” for virtual relationship advice. We treasure our virtual friends and the creative atmosphere available to our fingertips via Second Life. We hope you enjoy!)

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