Friday, March 24, 2017

Welcome to our 1st GGC March 24th 2017 MOZ Black Knit leggings

For our 1st GGC (Group Gift Challenge) we chose to use the MOZ monthly GG ' Black Knit Leggings' (Group free to join).
I recently found MOZ after i had bought my Maitreya body  (She does do some classic items too. Look for the classic logo) and the cloths are just Judies style. Also she does a really good job with unique textures and designs. It's nice to find something different.
Each month she has a photo contest to enter on FLICKER.

You take a picture of your avi wearing MOZ clothes only - and then do a style card to add to the description and each month a picture is chosen to put outside the shop and you win a fatpack of the latest item of clothing Mo is working on. I was thrilled when i won the first competition, but there were not many entries at that point.
MOZ has a lower price for items if you join the free group and wear the tag when buying, and a VIP room with unique items just for Group members that are not available in the main store.
This months GG is the Black knit leggings which as you can see we both chose to go casual and sporty with.

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