Sunday, April 23, 2017

(ba) Camden Cottage, new place!

I am super happy to have found this cottage to put up as my new Second Life Home. Just in starting phase for putting together the homestead... but this cottage speaks to me! The layout, size of rooms, windows, doors, as well as textures  are easy to work with! I am playing with tinting wall color (edit and select face) just to give a bit of contrast, as most of my furniture pieces are white.
This is a lovely cottage!  Found via Collabor88 where you find the prefab homes. Great home, terrific price! JOY!!
Happy Sunday!


  1. Another plus to our new home spaces is being able to change homes regularly and scenery. After a few years in a rented , ready decorated sim we now have the ability to do my own landscaping so we kinda out grew the last place. And after 4 weeks 'low and behold ' my sim prim counter has not been wrong once. Funny that!!!No more logging on to find random pieces thrown back at you because you have gone over prim after not moving anything for weeks. So strange how that kept happening there but never at the new sim.

  2. It's really a lovely place! I keep checking my prims out of habit and did the math, this is working correctly at our new places. The atmosphere and energies are positive now! "Saged" my stuffs. :) All good! :) I like the landscaping packages made available to us now and complimenting with my Kidd landscaping materials as well as possibly some of my TMG that will come in handy for late summer and fall. Sometimes good things happen and lets keep the karma rolling! :) BTW... I need to comment on the INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL photos you posted!!! (sorry, this was a long weekend due to the holiday here and we have been rocking through a lot of spring/summer prep). Next weekend going to drag my daughter flower shopping in rl! YAY!!