Friday, April 14, 2017

Fridays GGC April 14th 2017

Welcome to Fridays GGC
This week we chose the Snowpaws Bae dress which is a gift at the Snowpaws store for the Third Life Group.(Free to join)

Bo wore:
Monso Hair Ruda
Accessories: MG Necklace Pearls, Combo Short Mono Color (with color changing options)
Cae :: Flutter ring (hud)
Just BECAUSE Elegant Arm Cuff (hud)
Shoes: KC Suami Heels (hud)

Guess who just got Bento hands?

Judie Wore :
DeLa 'Cheri'
Lazuri Tres Chic Green Set
Snowpaws Pigalle Shoes in White (you can't see them).


  1. How pretty! It's a lovely dress and I especially like the semi transparent sheer layer over the bottom layer. Nice textures and fit well without strange strap appearance sometimes dresses have over the shoulders.

  2. Just noticed the comment about Bento hands, Judie. LOL... I didn't know what that was or why the hands looked different when taking the shots. Figured it out in the end and have to play with it. It was nice for the ring though, I have to say. :) Happy JOY!

  3. I'm loving the free maitreya update which included Bento hands. Great for pictures. And i have found other uses for a certain gesture ;)