Sunday, April 16, 2017


Having heard the word Bento for a few months and ignored it as i had no clue what it was or what it would do , then slowly things started to come out on the market and a friend of mine paid a fortune for Bento head and hands but it was amazing but i still wasn't convinced about spending so much money. I had been one of the last to resort to Slink hands and feet and then fought the hype about mesh bodies for as long as i could but in the end relented as even i could see how much better they looked in my photos. I do get annoyed on landing at a sim and after a few minutes i'm told only my head and hands are visible , or landing naked. (As a friend says ."system underwear is your friend").
Anyway i digress. I got a tp from a friend to go demo a Bento horse. O M G. I have ridden in RL and this was so life like. Seriously well worth a visit.

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