Thursday, April 6, 2017

GGC Friday April 7th 2017

This weeks GGC was a lovely blue flower Segalle Halter Dress made by Carrie Snowpaw for the Fab Free GG and some Zen Avater dangerous Heels which was a GG from (10L to join).
I have always been a fan of Snowpaws since i was a noob, and Carries selection of free cloths for new residents is good and well made. She also has an amazing Lucky letter board that i have woe so much from ,and weekly bargains , sale items and 6 Midnight Mania boards and 8 mini mania boards which do change regularly and have prizes for classic and mesh. She also does a 1000L voucher draw which i have been fortunate to win twice , much to my surprise. She is constantly updating and keeping up with mesh. Her outfits are more classic and less tarty and for those of us who choose to dress well on SL her dresses are so feminine and sexy. There is a good choice of shoes and some jewellery and other items including outfits for petite avatars.
Well worth a look.
Copy paste the link below to visit Snowpaws. ( I'm still learning how to do a SLURL. Bare with me)

N.B. I have recently discovered it costs 250L to join the Snowpaws group (it was free when i joined 5 years ago) which is a lot for new residents but she does a big wall of freebies for noobs and you win so many things that with the first win you have got your joining fee back so i think well worth it and it also helps stop scammers.

Bo wears: Magika Bad Habit Hair

Judie wears : Tableau Vivant \\ Starry night \ombre (gatcha)
Yummy heart locket bracelet
Earthstones Tree of Life necklace.

 Sunday, 09 April 2017 Themed Outfit Challenge will be... Rock Concert
  Friday, 14th April 2017 Group Gift Challenge:  Thirdlife GG (at Snowpaws) Bae dress in teal



  1. I love the dress! The shoes are nice as well, the only issue for me was that I had to change feet as the shoes seemed for Slink and one other... have to find the name of the foot fit. I like Snowpaws very much too! :)

    1. Yes, i foot swop. I started with Slink then got the mesh body , so not all my shoes fit Maitreya.