Thursday, April 27, 2017

... in protest

This is an issue that bothers both Judie and I more than it should - the reason it bothers us SO MUCH is due to the fact that we are not the first who feel  we were stolen from, and likely not the last. My question is... do we have a "civic duty" to inform others that we have been stolen from? (not really a question, it is a point)

In the life, we will come across con artists. We are taught to spot a con and how to avoid con artists. We both felt we were a bit more wise to the world, also virtual world, than we were, apparently.

I prefer to let Karma and the Universe manage the consequences for the con artists.

That said, to the person who either willfully or due to willful neglect used faulty rental boxes/prim counters - then ejected us for being over prim when we both regularly (more than should be necessary - meaning several times per day) checked our boxes, and THEN had the nerve to keep my prepaid rent = 9 weeks @ L2250 AND adverts in a way to pretend to cover the almighty arse... well - woman - not cool. 

And writing pretend cover your rear sentences on your profile does not create a legitimate contract. Not that you need that to rent out "homes" in Second Life.

It really comes down to "buyer" or "renter" beware, and READ everything before prepaying months ahead like we did.

We protest, as within our rights to protest.  I say, be very, very DILIGENT before prepaying rents in a faux Irish sim.

And now, a bit of the southern charm comes shining through, so I say "bless your heart", and move on.

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  1. A friend of mine had her prim counter/rent box locked near the Christmas period for supposedly going over prim, and when the owner came to see it was clear to her that the tenant was in fact well below prims and there was no doubt. She says in her profile that she will apologise if she makes any mistakes and this is the biggest sentence of miss information on the profile. She admitted after that , that the rent boxs where no,longer supported and said that she would be changing them all and it would take time as there were so many to do. needless to say this never happened and we then noticed more and more issues. I wish i had moved then. But it's worked out for the best as we are now in a much more professionally run sim. My big regret is being gullible. I truly believed her excuses and actually felt sorry for the woman with all her problems. Huge regret, but i wont let it make me the bitter person that she sadly seems to be. People who behave like this normally have issues in RL that they are struggling with and feel the need to punish others . Not a nice way to be but we all know it happens.