Sunday, April 9, 2017

Themed Outfit Challenge Sunday, Rock Concert

The pictures from this Themed Challenge for Rock Concert show a bit more mischievousness compared to other challenges so far!  
Unfortunately the concert was canceled. Judie and Bo showed up early and waited, waited more as sometimes blondes do (because they didn't check for news) only to learn the band called in sick.  But the girls had a hilarious time anyway!

"Judie? What ya doing?"  hmmm... Bo obviously got her wheels turning inside that blond head.

Judie captured PRICELESS pictures this week! This is my personal favorite challenge so far, as it really shows our personalities. :)

What is Judie wearing?
Hair: Argrace HAKU
Shorts: Blueberry belted ripped denim shorts
Shoes: Maitreya Moccasin Boots in Camel
Jewelry: (PPD) I'm your biker chick, Black studded wrist bands and MG Necklace Captured love heart.
What is Bo wearing?
Hair: Magika, Bad Habit
Complete Outfit including Jewelry: Lost City of Gothica-Alchemist female in black (had to put on my traditional avatar body for this outfit and could not wear mesh hands and blend the wrists, so completely original body except feet)
Shoes: Kokoia - Claudia ankle boots in black (I used my Similar Multi-pose Feet from Similar Quality Italian Footwear, as the feet are well done and Slink compatible)

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