Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday Theme Challenge, Housework... what to wear?

Today we present the Theme Challenge - Housework.  What DOES one wear while taking care of home?  The glory of Second Life is that you can wear even a formal gown made of taffeta, gauze, silk and/or lace! You can also put on your angel wings or devil horns... it doesn't matter. What adds to the fun are the props and animations for the activities! I need to follow up with Judie about which she is using at her home and will edit that info here later. Bo is using the What Next Ironing Board in one of my GreyMoon Cottages (which is also a super sweet little prefab!) and you can see some of my Loft & Aria home furnishings in the background.

What is Judie wearing?
Outfit: MooH Bib overalls Ripped denim
           Mutresse Kafa espadrilles
           Buona Panda Tank
Hair: DeLa - Cherie

What is Bo wearing?
Outfit: Gizza skinny jeans in denim blue
            Moz "Nora" Grey knit Henley neck sweater
Hair: Magika - Bad Habit

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  1. I was using a feather duster , and it wasn't even my house. I just found it and it looked nice and was up for rent so i cleaned it for the next tenants. I'm nice like that :)