Saturday, April 8, 2017

Fast post about Second Life Pets

I adore, ADORE, ADORE, my little Second Life pets! Every time I log on, I see them and smile. These are both by Jian, Puppy Petunia was a gift from my friend Judie, and Kitty was from my friend Weeja.  I need to give a name to my virtual kitten! (update - I thinks she looks like a Puddin'!)

This last week I changed out cottages 3 times... but is another story for the future.

Judies Pets
We bought a Labrador dog from 'We love pets' about 4 years ago and though hes not so detailed i swear he's real. He always finds Judie and sits with her. Sometimes its spooky how real his reactions are. I spoke to the designer and she said many people have commented the same about their pets. 
You can get an update by simply taking your pet to the shop and sitting it on the updater wearing your group tag. He has many functions and is great to have to greet you when you log on. This was a random picture taken as Judie was sat on the sofa and the dog joined her. Pure fluke.

Have a wonderful weekend and remember that tomorrow is Rock Concert Theme!

N.B. Added 1st May 2017
I have added this as another example of how these virtual pets seem to interact with their surroundings , even though they are not programmed to do so. I came home last night to find Aero taking great interest with one of the rabbits. Both are programmed to 'roam' but both were sat together and seemed to be interacting. 

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