Sunday, April 2, 2017

Themed Outfit Challenge Sunday, Gardening

This week our Sunday Themed Challenge is "Gardening".

We didn't discuss what the girls should wear and arrived completely unaware of where the Garden Theme would take us. The girls were dressed to dig in!

Once again, putting together the scene was a lot of fun! This week was also much easier to create a backdrop in a different platform location, thus avoiding the public sandbox. Having interruptions of curious onlookers or trolls participating on the set can be entertaining and rather hilarious... sometimes. But most of the time we don't feel like stopping continuously to mute and derender.

We worked well as a team! We dragged out and edited the objects, counted prims available and stuck to groovin' on this new creation. Even if I tend to be rather orderly and keenly aware of symmetry at all times, Judie kept the air light so it was easy to go with the flow. (She promised not to point out the extreme perfectly lined placement of the plants in the garden in order to not have sighs from our dear Sun!) (giggles)
Judie didn't mind muddy hands and the occasional worm - as she dug out the strawberries and Bo prepared the soil for another row for summer seedlings.

Where's the sweet tea?! The girls took a much needed break when the work was finished!

What is Bo wearing?
Hair: Elua, Mao Blonde hair
Shirt: MI87094 Ladies Polo Shirt
Pants: Creative Studio BF Jeans
Shoes: Kokoia, Vernon shoes

What is Judie wearing?
Hair: Mina hair Yuliya
Shirt: Bueno crema tank (maitreya)
Pants: MOZ 'Geri' pink floral shorts (maitreya)
Shoes: Petit Mort olive welly boot

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