Thursday, May 4, 2017

Fridays GGC May 5th 2017 Hilly Haalan

This week we have 2 friends joining us. Thank you Deirdre and Victoria.
We chose to use three of Hilly Haalans Group Gifts. The' Peggy open back sweater' and 'The Peggy open back dress'  and the 'Coco complete outfit'.( All 3 have just the classic option  but i find Judie normally fits a classic medium on her mesh body depending on the cut). Dee and Victoria  have the classic bodys .
I went to the store looking for a re delivery terminal to redeliver all my shoes i have from there and stupidly deleted all the Maitreya ones thinking i would never go mesh . Never say never.
I was amazed and the huge GG board and a big choice of really nice  gifts , which so far has been rare. I still do not understand why stores do not do better gifts to get you back in their shops rather than scare you off with a badly textured horror that you would't wear even as a Noob.

Peggy Open Back Sweater

Bo is wearing
Gizza Skinny pants
L+B Jewlery Celtic Promise
Magika Hair Honest

Deirdre is wearing
Hair : Daisy  Entwined. Shoes a gift from N-core.
Skirt from Alien Gizmo :Sandy. Jewellery; Celtic Myst

Judie is wearing
Hair Argrace WAKANA. LRD Haley Jeans(with hud).
KC harlem Sneakers
MG Nova Dream Moon short Necklace
Victoria is wearing
Hair Kristin Dip Dye from Mina. Belt : Victorias own design.
Boots Roc Martens by ROC (with hud)
Sinful jeans from Wicked Tatoos

I sent an I.M. to the owner of the store asking if she had a re delivery terminal and she replied very quickly and said she didn't but she couldn't have been more helpful and patient. It was my fault i had deleted the Maitreya shoes but she very kindly gave me a copy of all the ones that i had lost.

Peggy Backless Dress
Deirdre is wearing
Shoes by N core Gift
Hair by Analog Dog : Kanpai
Bo is wearing
Lazuri Tres Chic Necklace
Earrings by KC Adore
Hair by Argrace Nanao
Victoria is wearing
Hair : Analog Dog- Baby Onyx
Necklace: Love my cat Laponte BastChild Designs
Shoes: Blue Sandles RD Style
Judie is wearing
Bens Boutique Irem jewellery set (with hud)
HH Butterfly Gem heels (with hud)
Hair Argrace Wakana
CoCo Complete Outfit
Deirdre is wearing
Boots from KC : Yeti boots
Earrings are a gift from Shiny Shabby Minimal
Necklace eclat . Ari chocker
Hair is a gift from Chickie(now Zalea) Piper 2

Bo is wearing
Hair by Exile: Walking on Sunshine
Earrings by Snowpaws: Silver cubist

Judie is wearing
Hair by Argrace, Wakana

***Happy Weekend Everyone***


  1. Will look as soon as I can... I assume it has something to do with the CSS. No worries, chillax! :)

  2. Oh you made it all tidy. Thank you. Now get ready as i will mess the next one up ;)

  3. Only did easy part. We will get it all done in our own way and I like that! Do your thang, Lady! Hugs and have a wonderful day!!

  4. Now to comment on the pics with Dee and Victoria too... THANKS GIRS!! The pics are awesome and so fun!! It's part of what I like a lot about being able to find an item and put something together in our own way which really demonstrates personality! BRAVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA