Saturday, May 13, 2017

A new challenge. W:T:F !!!

Having recently been tidying out and reorganising my inventory ( Was 80,000 items, not just under 56,000) and finding soooo many things that i don't remember buying or are gifts i just had to have or spur of the moment buys, i thought a challenge to up cycle them was a good plan. Up cycle or delete and having seen some of Bo's wardrobe (snigger) i suggested this idea to her as well.

Take a picture of your Avi wearing the aged, primmy, cheap crappy horror, or just a plain bargain that a few years ago looked good (so you thought , but we where all laughing at you) and UP CYCLE it to something more acceptable.

I know it's hard to believe but even Judie has wardrobe malfunctions and thankfully most of them have been recently deleted so no proof, but i am still finding some W:T:F outfits that need attention.
Sometimes all it takes is a change of hairstyle or shoes.
Here is an example. As i said. It's difficult to make Judie look bad in anything but i'm sure you can do better than me  ­čśĆ
Have a go.

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  1. That is such a good hair on Judie in the first one, updated pic! Nice!
    Yes yes, you inspire me to pay more attention! Doesn't always work if I am in a rush. But I guess for me it's like running to grocery store in PJ's and slippers only on Second Life terms. LOL Love this idea and would like to encourage more from you, as figuring out how to accessorize does not come naturally to me and all ideas and suggestions are appreciated!