Wednesday, May 17, 2017

more Kittens! (and birds)

See more below... talking about Jian and StoraxTree...

Sometimes I am also very slow to open some of my group gifts from big hunts and even Advent hunt gifts before Christmas last year.
While working through the current phase of opening and sorting (which is a bit haphazard for me really - I won't pretend to be the most organized individual), lo and behold what I opened from my Welcome Group Gifts from Jian!
This could be real life! LOL They are sleeping on Poppi's boots and I refuse to put them away until it's winter again.
There are other very nice gifts in the Jian Welcome package.

More on other decor gifts over time. There are some incredibly creative and talented people out there on Second Life!

Adding another to share here as this is also tooooooooooooo PRECIOUS!
It turned out to be a blessing in disguise that I hadn't opened everything in my "To Open" file, as I lost my entire folder for homes and home decor  a couple of months ago. I flipped a happy flip this morning as I found this little home decor treasure! This is from StoraxTree 1L Advent #20, and this part of the package of gifts is called  "Love Thy Neighbor Birds & Birdhouse".
Taxi to StoraxTree.
Happy Dance by Bo, Advent gift by StoraxTree

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  1. They are even better than i imagined. I must open my box too. I have a folder named "TO UNPACK" , and it's overflowing.