Monday, May 8, 2017

Copying is the sincerest form of flattery.

I do take great pride in dressing Judie well and i am always shocked at how strange some people can be when you ask them where they bought an item of clothing or hair , shoes etc from because you like it and want to buy it too. Not so easy to click on mesh and check although i do have a great free hud now called 'What is she wearing?', but i always like to ask someone first. If an item is made well and you dress your av well then it is a compliment to be asked.
I was at Morris the other day chatting to friends and had to log off to start cooking in RL and when i returned i had a snapshot waiting for me from a friend. Apparently this lady had disappeared and changed soon as soon as Judie had gone. It must have reminded her of things she had in her inventory. Great copy. I'm impressed :)


  1. I would take it as a compliment in a nice way, so inspire a look or as you said, a reminder of bits in inventory not necessarily put together before. :) Very nice and fun!

  2. I certainly did take it as a compliment. I know the lady in question and she and Judie get on well. I am flattered that she liked judes outfit that much. I was told that they did tease her for a while after I had gone, calling her 'Judy'. Teasing in a nice way though.