Wednesday, May 17, 2017


I found these four
horrors last night. 
I don't know what possessed me to by them.
 I thought you might like to see before they go in the delete pile.


  1. This middle one isn't too horrible if Judie were wearing some tall black boots and a different hair. And I can't see well enough what is on the shoulders of the pink sweater, but I kinda like what I see for the color with jeans. The first however... Wonder Woman!!! (NAME YOUR SUPERPOWER)

  2. okay, okay... the last one seems to go beyond superpowers to a completely different realm! :) I was trying clothes here and there yesterday as well... why is it that the clothes that are not Maitreya (Bo is Maitreya) would be fine for her bottom half in medium size, but the tops of everything look like spray starch stiffened tops with space for giant pointed boobies!?! It's more and more obvious to me why the alpha layer is so important! ...
    and Brava Judie for having the strength to go through the closet!!